Tir Na n'Fir

Cleaning Up After Fighting Dragons and Where is our Stoner?

Party Members:

  • Death Mage – Kellyn
  • Elf – Tobias
  • Stoner – Decland
  • Bard – Taryn
  • Druid – Leilana
  • Assassin – Bellanox

Mostly told from Mage’s POV.

Fought 2 Jade dragons named Tallus and Thallan. We finally defeated them (Bard used polymorph ring and changed into a cocatrice). Our cart is destroyed and our horses are dead (Elf is thrilled). Where is our stoner, too?

Gathered our things that we could find along the switchbacks:

  • Book on elemental magic (broken into 2 pieces)
  • Geofray’s Recharging rod
  • Book on Firewherian (broken in 3 pieces)
  • Book on creating the Luck leyline
  • Earth section of soul forge
  • Identifying slate (thank goodness)
  • 1 barrel of Elven brandy
  • 973 gold pieces
  • 27 pieces of amber
  • 1 jacinth
  • 3 fire opals
  • 1 star gem
  • Elven armor and the case
  • Gnomish shield
  • Jade dragon shield

The lamp that would make light forever without oil broke. The Stoner’s extra leather armor has been mushed by rocks and now can only be used to repair other armor.

Druid finally comes back with her staff and javelin she found on her journey back up the mountain. She is unharmed, thankfully. Still no sign of Stoner; hopefully he’s okay.

The javelin ends up being from the ancient Imperial era. It was designed by a mage to be able to damage magic resistant animals/people.

The ring that the Bard found is a Ring of Polymorph and is used to change into different things/animals/etc. It requires no words to be spoken, however, when changing into an animal that has willpower, one must overcome the will of the animal to make decisions based on your own knowledge.

During 1st watch, the Elf finds the Copying Quill and takes it back from two squirrels! (Yummy squirrels)

I begin to read the Luck book and become entranced. When the Elf comes up from his watch, I begin reading to him, per his request. We stay up all night reading and once we finish we feel the need to find the 7 leaf clover and preform the ritual to create the Luck leyline.

The Assassin shows the Druid the crown and scepter that she found in the Dragon’s cave. The Druid finds the following writing in Ancient Dwarven on both of the items:

On the Scepter ~ “For the seat of Vald and Sald and the gateway to the Cidadel’s beyond.”
On the Crown ~ “Granted for service in the Arcaine art.”

The Scepter has a bright blue sapphire in the top and the crown has a violet trystal in the center. (Could represent air or water?)

When the Druid comes to me to see what I can get from the items, I sense that the scepter is drawn towards my things. I separate all of my things in order to determine what is pulling it. Once this is done, I discover that the scepter is drawn to my earth section of the soul forge. When the two pieces get close enough together they join. (This causes the scepter to loose the sapphire piece) I discover that this is the water piece of the soul forge.

Also found in the Dragon cave (other than tons of gold, platinum, silver, and copper):

  • Orange diamond
  • 5 pieces of black coral (previously being shaped)
  • 5 alabaster busts (unknown people)
  • 10 carvings in green stone – probably jade
  • 4 tapestries

New quest for me: Find the air and fire sections of the soul forge.

While moving rocks we find one water disk and another star gem. Under boulders we also find the Arrow of Light, 7 leaf clover, and the book on perception magic (it is broken into 7 pieces).

It begins to rain and so the group (still sans Stoner) head back to the cave. Now that I have the 7 leaf clover, I decide to finish creating the Luck leyline. In order to do so, I teach myself the realm of create (this gives me 1D in create). I gather all of my Firewherian items, as my palentier suggests, (including the bard because of his helm) and head to the top of the mountain.

I preform the spell to ground the leyline and the clover explodes. The leyline is now created and a field of 7 leaf clovers appears! I remember that the clover came from Geofray’s kitchen and decide to eat the left over bits of clover.

TADA! Now I have 1 luck die. This effects every roll and I can have up to 3 luck dice. I have to figure out how to prepare these clovers first though to be able to make luck dice.

Stoner is still missing. We’ve all started to worry now. Maybe he’s on the other side of the mountain? We find a fake wall in the Dragon’s cave but cannot get through it.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
The Stoner’s Story -

Decland falls into the trees after trying to get away from the Jade dragon’s breath attack. He ends up hanging upside down from a limb by his ankle. He cuts the tree and ends up landing on his head and passing out.

Once he wakes up and rests a bit, he pulls out his sword and asks if there are any gods in the area. For once, the sword replies that yes, there is and it’s that way. Decland follows that direction.

Every day he holds a service for his god. In the beginning it draws squirrels and he begins to wake up with a gift of acorns near by. As time goes on, more and more animals join the squirrels, including deer, bears, and bunnies. (I think the Stoner is Cinderella now.)

He continues along the path for a few days and eventually asks his sword if he knows what god they are headed towards. The sword replies yes, but that he cannot tell him. Decland realizes that he can no longer go backwards or any way other than straight forwards on the path. He begins to get nervous, but continues to hold his services.

Eventually Decland comes to a palace where he meets a rather polite gentleman. This gentleman turns out to be a Platinum Dragon (known as a god of the dragons). He takes Decland up to the stars and shows him around (Aladdin now?).

Decland explains to the Platinum dragon about his group and their varied adventures and his mistakes with the wishing sword and Lolth. The dragon wishes to meet the rest of Decland’s party and they begin toward the Jade dragon’s cave.



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