Tir Na n'Fir

Meeting the Immortal One

After heading off into the unknown for a bit, our tiny group begins walking along a dune edge following the forest. The Immortal One, who travels with her student, has been looking for us since she received the gift of the Elven Brandy. We piqued her curiosity. She spots us walking along the dune edge, and her student waves us down to partake in some tea. We all stumble down to meet them and share a drink.

We talk a bit to the two, the student obviously the more talkative of the two, as the Immortal only really talks to the Elf, and then only in some type of Elvish. We exchange gifts, we provide them with water and they provide us with tea. I get my orb to translate for me, and they are intrigued. However, the Elf and I soon disintegrate into a tiff and the two move away in annoyance. When they begin to move, a large spider is poised to jump on them. The Elf shoots it and he and the student loot the little spider lair. We find a scroll and I attempt to get Leilanna to teach me how to read it. She reminds me to pray each day. Woo.

The next day we travel on towards the area in the desert with the cursed city.




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