Tir Na n'Fir

The Stoner Gets the Tree High and The Druid Learns Not to Pet Cute FooDogs.

Obviously, Grandtier’s family is very confused about why we’re here and all of our stuff is strewn around their yard. The Druid explains to them that her new god, Onara (the daughter of her other god, Ona), transported us here with our stuff. While she is explaining the situation to the Wife and Daughter, the Stoner looks over the edge of the cliff to see what the planks fell on. With our wonderful luck, the planks landed on top of a processional that was going though the city towards the Gladiator ring in order to watch the games that go on at this time every year. Soon enough, the alarm begins to go off all over the city. We decide that we should probably go inside for the moment. (It turns out later that we crushed the royal processional and killed about 50 – 70 % of the royals in the city. Oops.)

We introduce the Assassin to Grandtier’s family, though not Grandtier, as he is not having a “good” day. The Bard heads out to the barn to say hello to the sons, and the rest of us stay in the main house and talk to the daughter and wife. A bit later, the Assassin and I head out to join the bard, while the Stoner shucks corn for the family, and the Druid goes to visit Grandtier. Grandtier is obviously very pale and does not seem to really realize who the Druid is. The Wife has told us that since he was healed he has good days and bad days, and that it will take a very long time for him to heal. She suggest that perhaps we might find something to help him heal more quickly.

I introduce Bella to the sons and make sure they understand that she is not on the market. The Bard makes a joke (at my expense, I think?) and I joke that he is just jealous of Grandtier’s Mage son who has been trying to win my hand. The Son takes it seriously and challenges the Bard to a preforming contest (My reaction is one of dismay, as I don’t really want to choose anyone and I’m more likely to marry my Orb than anything else, at the moment). It seems my reaction does not matter, and they begin to search for a place to preform.

Around lunchtime, the Stoner decides to hold a service, as he always does. However, no one has really informed him of what the Sylvan tree does when any type of faith magic is cast (I don’t know if it works with magic the same way). He ends up having a good service and begins to talk to Grandtier’s wife about his god. They make one of his stoney teas and he casts Share the Love, which begins to make the tree throb, as well as all of the money (the money is made from the tree’s sap). I ask the Assassin to go out and get my things for me, as I am convinced that someone is going to come after the Stoner because of the whole “this city has no gods” thing. The Elf, who has been sitting in front of the tree with the Elven armor, is super stoned and absolutely convinced that the tree needs the armor, somehow. We leave him alone.

Eventually the tree and money stop throbbing and we head to bed. The next morning, the Stoner offers to take the Assassin over to meet Toshi. I request to come with them, as I’ve heard he made the Stoner’s fancy God-Killing sword. Toshi is nice and teases the Stoner about his various adventures and about being a Paladin to a Stoner God. Toshi fixes the scratch in the Stoner’s sword after I somehow pull out another FooDog for him. We talk about the last Firewherian that is on the other continent and Toshi tells the Stoner to tell him “Fuck you and duck.” We continue to talk and I ask him if he knows where to find the other two pieces I’m looking for for the soul forge I have a portion of. It turns out that the forge that Toshi uses is a soul forge. I go back across to Grandtier’s place to get my soul forge portion and my Orb. I come back with that stuff and the Bard and Druid.

Because Toshi has 4 pieces of soul forge in his house, I cannot come in with mine. (Weird magic thing) I go to take my soul forge parts back and ask the Bard to hold my Palantier. Toshi freaks out and asks to see it. He talks to it really fast in Firewherian, which I cannot understand, but he Bard can. It turns out that the Orb is made by one of Geofray’s apprentices in order to find all of the Well of Souls. The Orb is also bound to me and cannot tell Toshi about the last Firewherian. I get back and the Bard asks what it would take to get a sword from Toshi. He ends up buying a “house sword” (a not as fancy sword) for all of his star gems (from his pack, not the group’s stuff). The Stoner decides to leave and do his service. The Druid warns him before he leaves not to do Share the Love anywhere near here because of the tree throbbing thing.

He does the service and then does Share the Love anyway. The Tree throbs again, as well as all of the money. Before the rest of us leave, Toshi shows us the FooDogs. One makes faces at the Druid and she goes to pet it. It ends up causing 3 wound levels of damage and burning her arm up to the elbow (there is even bone showing). I head back to Grandtier’s and the Assassin and Bard take her up to the court, as she is the Court’s Head Scribe. The Bard has a little trouble getting in at first, but ends up scaring the crap out of the guards to get in. As soon as he walks into Court, a group of scribes sees the Druid and starts freaking out and calling for a doctor. Eventually one comes over and looks over her condition.

He then says the worst possible thing: “We need to take off the entire arm.”



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