Tir Na n'Fir

Story #1

Starting from Cliath

On the ninth day of Lambdhnassah, the eighth month, of the seventh year of the reign of Queen Gwebbhian of Cliath, the ceremony of ordaining was performed in the ringed city of An Clia Kestria by the High Priest of Mithrian, protector of the Sacred Eye of Knowledge, Patriarch of Mithria, Keeper of the Tomes, Libris Guardian, and Confessor to the Queen, The Venerable Holiness Daibhi XIV. The ritual calls for the procession of the standard of the cathedral, carried by an ogre, on the first day after the first full week after the zenith of the summer moon. The incense of the treasured times, made during the last years of the last Emperor, is burned, and the favor of Mithria is called upon all present.

Her glory showed, not upon the Knights of Mithria, nor upon the decendant of Geof-ray the Great Wizard, but upon others in attendance. The High Chancellor revealed them by their records of entry into the city, or of residency, to be five in number, named

  • Eamon, forest-walker, and druid
  • Anya, scholar, and librarian
  • Langail, sorceress of an unknown guild
  • Raven, the renound swordmaster
  • and Aoife, protector of the wilds, and ranger

who agreed to take on the quest laid before them by Her Majesty. The Royal Road, designed by the architect Magne Constans, was not being built in accordance with the Royal Perogative, and this vexed the Queen muchly. She assembled her citizens for the ordination that she might find those worthy to send forth to discover the cause of the curses that befell the workmen, and those sent before to Celestria. When Mithria selected these worthy souls for the quest, the Queen was finally given hope, for others in the past had laid the beginnings of dangerous tidings upon the throne. For, see you that there have been two enchanted groves found where none were before, and the ancient stone circle on the Hill of Thistle was defiled for building stone by some who did not heed the wishes for success and good will.

These adventurers go forth to find answers, and to achieve greatness for The Queen, and for Cliath!


After much fanfare, and a quick sendoff by the High Chancellor, our intrepid band has travelled down the Royal Road, built south of the city of Kestria along the cost, to the town of Baruthea, where it heads west into the interior. This is good land, where many will be able to farm and forest, once the Road is completed. And yet, something is working to thwart the builders, who have taken some strangely inane steps to keep on schedule.

A stay in Baruthea for a good rest, and a quick last good bath, was the last time they had seen civilization. The road, while well built, was mostly untravelled. It headed quitely west, wending between farms and fields, until it seemed to stop at the edge of an ancient forest. But, strangely enough, the trees spring up through the road itself, as though they had only recently been planted. And, after confirmation by Eamon and Aoife, it is seen that the forest is perhaps four months old! The trees are hundreds of years, in comparison. For their own safety, and after calling down the curse of defoliation upon one of the ancient trees (and the subsequent death of it and several in the area), camp was established outside the forest. A quick meal of roasted rabbit ended the day, and the night passed quietly.

Aoife knew a way to start the growth of the trees faster, and with a mixture of waters and minerals, some trees were planted to replace those killed. This act of responsibility emboldened the band, who headed into the interior of the forest with wary eyes for mischief. After half a day of walking they came across the body of a Mithrian Knight, hanging by the neck from vines in one of the high trees. Investigation by Langail, Enya, and Aoife discovered strange energies nearby, and the suddent sleeping curse of Raven, then of Enya’s warhorse, and the appearance of a spear in Enya’s wagon, lead Aoife to search out attackers in the grove. She found, and dispatched, a brownie, and returned to help set up camp.

The night passed somewhat quietly, though Aoife discovered a troup of Dark Skinned Elves watching them. Unfortunately, she discovered them by being captured, and their leader approached the sleeping bodies of her friends without her able to raise an alarm. Fortunately Raven was sleeping lightly and awoke to confront the Elves. Surprisingly, their leader recognized the swordmaster, gave the group some friendly advice about the safety of the forest, and released Aoife. He and his retainers departed, and the rest of the evening passed without incident.

The sun is rising, the day is beginning, and the smell of sizzling hard-tack signals time to break camp.



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