Tir Na n'Fir

Story #2

The lesser stone circle

They broke camp, leaving the forest deep, with the body of the Mithrian Knight tied to the bottom of the cart (to protect Anya’s sensitive nose). After several hours, and a short stop for lunch, they finally found the edge of this strange wood. The lightened sky was a welcome relief from the twilight dim walk of the past two days, and it was decided to set up a short camp here right outside.

Anya knew that the right burial for a Mithrian Knight was one in a cairn, so after digging a shallow grave for the body a search was made for suitable stone. Eamon took to the treelines nearby to gain wood for fires, and to identify the rushing sound of water (which turned out to be the nearby River Berne). Aoife looked to the south to find food, but instead located a cart with a keg of beer and a load of raw stone.

Eamon’s return allowed them to identify the stones as the kinds used in stone circles. And, a second cart, with a second keg, a second load of stones, and two skeletons holding the yoke, confirmed something mystical. At the top of the southern hill was discovered the damaged ring, with bits of armor found along the outside.

At the center Aoife spotted a 6×6 pit, which Raven walked in to see (despite the feelings of evil in the area). The pit was 6’ deep, with stone blocks around it. In the pit were three bodies, one beheaded, one bashed, and one just dried out. They are all wearing Mithrian armor. This seems to be the scene of the “stones taken from a sacred circle” reported back in Kestria, and some discussion was made about putting the body the found down in this pit, or bringing the three up.

After a return to camp Aoife heard an odd clash in the distance, towards the river, sounding like a small skirmish. It was decided not to investigate at this time. Everyone is getting ready for dinner, as Anya has been working to prepare something (though Aoife hasn’t hunted any real food, sticking to tracking stonecutter carts) and depending on the luck she has tonight, it’ll be hare, or hardtack, in the soup.

The day is ending, and the sky is clear, with the stars almost glowing in brightness. The moon is above the horizon now, and is almost at half, making this the sixth day since leaving Kestria.



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