Tir Na n'Fir

Story #61

Catching Up.....

The party made their way out the southern edge of the desert, and onto a plain of scrublands and light forests. The road, obviously travelled less this year than in days past, is still reasonably easy to navigate. The rush of water to their right was a river that was filling from the spring rains up in the high mountains to the north.

The last of the elven towers were left far behind before the old bridge over the river was discovered. This bridge is different than those in the mountains, being made of floating blocks roped together. Any trolls that might want to live in the area under this bridge would have to be aquatic.

Dunkirk prayed for guidance across the wide expanse, and learned to float himself on the breath of Filinari. His flight, though, helped no one else, and after the bridge ropes snapped, it was up to Rodanthe to make a new bridge. Her choice for material was the river itself, as she froze the surface into a solid mass. Everyone made it across halfway before the pressures from the spring thaw snapped the ice bridge, and with sprinters speed everyone arrived just as the massive icebergs began floating down river.

Rashe laughed to himself, as he remembered the low stone bridges and dikes of Waterbreak, and just how well they were likely to stand up to a river full of icebergs.

The side passage across the river was the northern road to Tarwek, and so the group continued along the road until they reached the outer gates. This was surprising to Dunkirk, as the city never needed gates before, and these were obviously new and hastily constructed.

Time in the city passes quickly. Dunkirk restarts the churches, and gathers together some acolytes that may prove worthy to serve on a permanent basis, like the older witches of Ogrini named Shoni and Elmaroné, the two boys Manto and Zelé that serve Maltik, the two boyz Eral and Mearkara the blind, and the Paladin of Zon named Timal (a Dwarf, not a Gnome). Four of the socially important gnomes built a garden to Zeltonai, and Dunkirk provided a regular rotation of divine worship, following a new cycle.

Rashe spent some time talking with the masons and weaponwrights, learning of the troubles in Waterbreak as Tormala de Merili ascended to power and established a zenophobia that hurt trade. This particular weaponwright was suggested by one of the dwarven guards of the city, who also presented Rashe with a box containing a small dagger made of the metal called alcos. His interest in learning the weapon properties, and how they compared to his stiletto, gained the confidence of the weaponwright, who offered to train him on the proper application of a dagger between the shoulder blade and the spine. This master gave a name, Shalor, which means ‘sharp’ in gnomish. Rashe declined to inquire further into background or names, knowing the darkness of the world he was about to dive into.

Aoife took some time with the weapon smiths herself, and is finishing her new bow. Lnorn is practicing with a new pipe instrument, and Tamara is doing exercises in the workout field, watching with a bit of amusement as the regular regime of the soldiers has stepped up to try to keep pace with her.

Rodanthe went to the scribes, and then to hell.

After over a month she returned to the city, but in the escourt of gnomish druids that were working around the Tarwek range. Where she has been is her own story.



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