Archmage Enchanter Sorcerer


Her questions: At School, What School, What were the Mages doing in the school while she was there? What are the rules of magic?

Sorcery is equal to demon summoning
Clerics mages dont understand their type of magic
Enchanter creates things in the Forges

Items on Person:


*Ring of Protection – +4 Pips to strength for Everyone within 14 feet – Takes away 1 pt diecap (123) 50pts of power

*10 Chunks of Deep Metal from the gnomes I opened an old blocked passage for.

*Lei Line Stones from the Volcanic Tower

*Glasses and Diary from Volcanic Tower

*Casting Wand from the Night of the Elves in the Sun City before the Day of Dan’iel

*Firwarian Staff made from the pieces of some of the swords

*DCleaving sword – Possibly a healing sword.

*Jeweled 7 Sword Dagger – 7 Swords in a clock shape. Never ending daggers. Create Earth 40 pts. Permenant Magic

*Emerald – Water Emerald. Node of power 15 pts

*Green Turquoise

*Emergency Teleport Amulet – Modify Move/Control Human, Plant, Animal

*Case of Healing Potions – 2×20 potions in case. 2 Wound Level Healing

*Box – Control Plant

*Black and Amber, Blue and Green, Crushed Pearl 1/4 pot of Ink

Books kept From Volcanic Tower:

*Spells of Destruction Scroll (read)

*Unmaking/Breaking Enchanted Weapons

Books kept from Geof Rays Tower:

*Combat Telepathy

*Casting of Clay

*Scroll of Firwarian Staff

Stuff on the Cart from Kae

*Illusion Removal Serum

*Quill and Inkwell

Important Characters:

Great Mages: could craft items of power. each had a tower

*Bruin – Created the towers 7 earth

*Tregos – Under Bruin creating items of Power. Could Summon Extraplanar creatures to power items of significance.

*Jofray – Created sets of spells to imbue magical items. Summons fire. Tried to create an 8th item of power, caused him to be encased in Lain in his tower. Dunkirk sent his soul on after the day of Dan’iel.

*Lorges – Power controls.

*Alademora – Opened gates to bring 7 beings of power

*Mara – ArchMage Priest Trravelled with Companion, Elvin Paladin.

*Zimron – Identified Elements

*Maniri – water

*Danide – When done with the creation of the 7 swords, he created scabbards from dust of the 7 towers.

Eldest of the Elves:

*Disciples – Alvarinin, Tregosha, ElAlvir, and Ishranai – Orc

Demon Who Was in Control of Sun City:

*Ba’a tzu Majari Takalia

⁃ Aneroche Tal – Sacrificed himself to save the last human civilization because he botched a spell when he was trying to help save humans during great cataclysm.
⁃ Malzuri Tal – Ancient Dragon met when I went down into “Hell” in Tarwick to get a quill of War Creating during the Time of Elightenment. Was impregnated by but lost baby.

My Travel Companions:

• Aoife – Laura – Ent Slayer. Can talk to trees, can speak ancient common. Anya
• L’Norn – Eric – Bard
• Dunkirk – Thomas – Only living Gnomish Priest
• Kae – Ariel – Assassin, part dragon. – DECEASED
• Tamara – Ariel – Noble Sword Master
• Rache – Steven

Ley Lines Info:

Verbs = Metallic
• Create – Gold
• Modify – Gun Metal Grey
• Destroy – Ruby entwined with black
• Move/Control – Bronze
• Percieve – Silver

Pure Realms – Pure tones
• Air – Ice White
• Earth – Tan/Brown
• Fire – Ruby Red
• Water – Teal Blue
• Animal – Amber Yellow
• Plant – Green/Emerald
• Human – Saffron Orange/Deep Red
• Vitality/Power/Magic – Metallic Sparkles
• Necro – Black
• Spirit – Grey and silver one that twirls
• Extra Lines: Swirls and spirals – No color just heat wave type effect, Royal Purple – No clue, Pale Blue and Rich Blue no ideas yet, Electrical current lines – no idea.
• Spiraling Bronze
• Rotating through Gemtones
• Rotating through Metal Tones

Training Thus Far:

• Original Academy ?
• Air Academy of the Sun City – Master Olys – Combat
• Extra reading in the towers – Firwarian?
• Duin Dora Ishranin Academy for Fire
• Fiwarian training with Malzuri Tal


Tir Na n'Fir Amber