Daemon Jaegar (nee Daemon Gerwaltz)

A young, stout orc wizard with light green skin and a crooked nose.


Gender: Male
Age: 15 (started at 13)
Height: 60 inches (5ft)
Weight: 9 Stone (180 lbs)
EXP Received: 38 pts
EXP Spent: 24 pts
EXP Log:
Spells (5xp): Craft the Circle, Defile the Circle, Elemental Armor (Earth), Gift of the Wife, Nature of Things,
Magic – Create, Destroy, Perceive, Water (12xp): 1D

Trained – 5D Edge Weapons, 2D Willpower, Language: Common, Spoken & Written

Perception: 2D
S: Sense Magic – 3D

Dexterity: 2D
Edge Weapons: 4D

Strength: 5D
Brawling: 6D

Intelligence: 1D
S: Read/Write: 1D (Orcish,Dwarven)

Wisdom: 2D
Willpower: 1D

Charisma: 1D
Intimidate: 3D

S: Create: 1D
S: Modify: 4D
S: Destroy: 1D
S: Move/Control: 2D
S: Perceive: 1D

S: Air:
S: Earth: 1D
S: Fire:
S: Water: 1D
S Animal:
S: Plant:
S: Human: 1D
S: Vitality/Power/Magic: 2D


Daemon Jaegar (nee Daemon Gerwaltz)

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