Former Guardsmen drafted to become the Paladin


Declan is an orphan, raised by a Gnomish Blacksmith who taught him to read, do basic medicine, fight in the dark, and how to be practical. He joined the city guard while young, and was disliked enough to be sent out of town after bandits shortly after joining. He ran into a team of adventurers who helped him, and elected to assist them in their quest in return.

He was shortly thereafter drafted into an army, brought into the medical division, asked the wrong questions, and them mooded to the torture department. He promptly forged papers to get transferred to the supply depot and then a promoted. He then got out of dodge as fast he his legs would take him.

Later when assaulted by a troll, he claimed the shortsword it dropped to replace his, after he was thrown into a tree and saved by Tobias. He sought to know how it worked before he used it, and inadvertently caused the rerise of Lloth, the demon Goddess. He feels really bad about this and wants to stop it. After a vision which can’t remember received from a drink he can’t describe, he began to consider himself a follower of Tharia, before he knew what Tharia’s rules were.

Before leaving the city which Lloth now ruled, he asked for trade goods and camels, in order to finance the journey of his companions, knowing not to trust the gratitude of kings. With the last of the money, he bought a sword, with which he may have to kill Lloth. He has no idea how to accomplish this. he taught the local fighter’s guild how to Blind Fight, and gained some notoriety from doing so.

After a brief trip upriver to investigate a possibly conquered gnomish city, he became a Paladin as the result of a drinking contest in the great games, which he came third in, he left the city with Dragonskin armor, a gnomish shield, six months worth of food, and a LOT of good booze. He made a deal to trade his name for gem trading, and profits of which are split between an innkeeper who taught him a few things and a grove up north.

Tharia does not permit him to own property, so everything he owned was given to Tobias. The equipment he does possess, he has because he needs it to accomplish his ends.

In his travels, he taught blind-fighting to those who wanted to learn in a city under siege, and was given an assassin’s knife, which he promptly gave away. Although he does not believe magic exists, he does recognize that things he does not understand happen, and is coming to terms with it. Recently, he started a festival for Tharia, to take place on the 78th day of the year, over the mountains.

Declan is an example of the person who wants to do the right thing but never quite pulls it off. He is loyal (to Tobias and Leilana) and does what he can to preserve life, although he is willing to kill to protect others. He is coming to terms with being a follow of a pacifistic God, and indulges in hallucinogenics, narcotics, and alcohol when available. His first instinct is to interpose himself because the weak and those would harm them, if he feels it would do any good, but has recently stopped planning, and begun letting random chance lead him where it will, thinking that it has a better chance of accomplishing something worthwhile than some of the decisions he has made.


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