Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 186

Physical Description: Red hair with a white streak in her bangs (acquired after preforming a fair amount of magic within a mage tower) and greenish blue eyes. Very tall.

Personality: Very opinionated and outspoken, though tends to avoid confrontation in the form of actual fighting. Since most mages look down upon her kind, calling them “death mages”, she avoids most other magic users and can be hostile towards them. She’s very powerful and knows it, and loves to learn.


Destroy Human

  • Weariness of Life
  • Choking Throat
  • Final Rest
  • Ancient of Eyes
  • Leprosy of the Flesh
  • Crushed Heart

Destroy Magic/Vitality/Power

  • Mundanity Restored
  • Defiles the Circle
  • Destroy the Essence
  • Dispell
  • Disenchant
  • Death of the Gift


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