The Swords Of Power

The Swords Of Power are a group of weapons crafted by a collection of mages during the times of enlightenment following the end of the Firewherian Empire. These spellcrafters, in an effort to both understand the changes in the laws of magic, and to overcome the difficulties in enchanting items, embarked on a study that lasted most of their lives. At the end of this time they each crafted a sword, working to embue them with the greatest amount of power possible without going mad or destroying a city.

The swords, in descending order of power (as told in legend), are

  1. Zolari, Elemental Sword of Fire
  2. Conoradamara, Sword of Gates
  3. Mar, Elemental Sword of Water
  4. Marthra, Sword of Knowledge
  5. Gnorisha, Elemental Sword of Earth
  6. Quai, Sword of Spirits
  7. Startish, Elemental Sword of Air

Marthra and Conoradamara were lost relatively quickly in their history. Legend says the remaining five swords found their way into the hands of the less savory elements of society, and were the basis of the Guild of the Five Swords, also known as the Southern Thieves Guild. Each headmaster of a specific discipline of the guild is said to be the master of one of the weapons, and it is speculated that the head of the Assassins Guild carries Zolari.

A new Legend tells that the seven swords were reunited in the City of The Sun during the Day of Daniel, and that they were destroyed, taken by a new set of mages, fell into a vortex and were distributed again to the edges of the world, were given to the dragons who flew overhead, or were put into a museum to be left on display under the watch of the King there. Nobody is sure which.

The Swords Of Power

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