Tir Na n'Fir

Story So Far (16 Mar 14)
goo gone

Stuck in the Garden of the Chimes past Martek’s gate, the party has found themselves confronted by great doors. But no handle, lock, or hinges. It was suggested to them that they try using magic stones to open the door, but they quickly figured out that they were one short.

A new member of the party, Alex, informed them of where one such stone was (after having been confiscated by what passes for a constabulary here), and so they went in search of it. Before they could ask, however, they were told of a marker that indicated how to effectively use the stones, and they went off on a quick side quest for fish.

The marker told them of another word to add to the incantation but when they checked the stones they had, some were missing. Cora quickly tracked the footprints of an elf (not the usual problem here) and rushed to find him. North of the fish was a clearing with a mound of stones and skulls (where justice is pronounced), and caught up with those same lawful guys who said he’d also robbed them.

From the edge of the clearing Cora fired an arrow that carried an enchantment from Kellyn to weary the figure on the mound. He was placing the gems around him on the ground when he took up an unusual pose, caught the arrow before it could release its magical power, then returned it by use of a transparent bow (made of laen, Cora knew immediately, eyes flashing green).

Further magical arrow attacks were attempted, one failing immediately but calling up a stone fae circle that left Lan giddy. Tobias raced across the plain after seeing his lady attacked and almost did devastating damage but was deftly dodged at the last second by a panic’d elf.

Alex and Shalev arrived on the mound and began a flurry of sword strikes that nearly killed… er…. actually really DID mortally wound the dark elf by slicing open his throat and bits of the rest of him (that Kellyn worsened by trying to tear out his throat from a great distance), when he called upon the power of a spider brooch he was wearing and healed himself, revealing his (anti)paladin nature. At this point things get… odd….

Lan, in a fit of giggles, opened a gate to the outer lands and invited in The Horde, a cloud of tiny fey that moved as if a single creature. She then told them of the grave evil on the mound and gave them free reign to dispatch it, so they exploded his armor, pierced his skin 6000 times, and battered him into amorphousness.

Shalev grabbed up the bow and presented it to Cora, and told the Princess that this was how he protected those that were his. Tobias cocked an eyebrow, but was bemused when the Princess asked “so, is she yours? What about me?” to which Shalev answered “we are not married yet.”

The Princess has been in hard contemplation since, while studiously avoiding Lan having never seen her take such dangerous actions. The Horde dispersed into the jungle. The lawful gendarme offered to escort everyone back to the fort to protect them, for they now know that the great doors will open, and Ishmael suggested that the Guilders here may be out to attempt a “stealie” on the divine power in the next world beyond…..

Story So Far (08 Dec)

Checking other rooms, the party has found other shafts with stuff falling forever, magic-eight-ball prophets, and eventually a stone bridge that summons shadows that do nasty things to paladins. In fact, Shalev suffered badly at the touch of one of these vile creatures before dispatching them in their fear of Maat.

Eventually they decided to feed a rope down in the Western shaft until it looped back around, and have climbed upwards to a landing with stairs 50 feet higher than the floor they were previously on.

The mages detected a light trap, but Ahriman antagonized the efreet on the other side by attempting to freeze him with one of the light beams. The efreet fired a beam of fire energy, which was countered by the amulet that Ahriman had been given by the Sheik….. only to fall to the fireball that came along at the same time. Alas, the efreet wasn’t interested in playing and disappeared.

The party carefully picked their way through the trap and uncorked a bottle containing the princess they were there to rescue, and after likewise liberating the Star Gem in the next room, left to find the Djinn that will safe the desert.

If only they knew how.

In the mean time, Kellyn summoned a whale for dinner.

The party finally got into the City of Phoenix, which they raised from the sand by opening the bottle containing the Djinn, but only after the blacksmith recognized how to coax him out did the GREAT EPIC BATTLE start.

Now, the party is looking for an ancient city on the Athis river, where the last Star Gem was kept.

Story So Far (24 Nov)

A long fight with a translucent creature ended with calling up a bunch of fairies, setting them on fire, filling a room with oil, changing the tiger into a liger, then running away after scaring the bad guy into also running away….

only to see the flaming fairies run into a pit that falls over and over and over… Lan jumped in and discovered that the pit also had some mummies in it, so she added some trees and wolves and badgers and rain and….

well, that was enough….

Eventually Cora took the flight potion and went in and rescued Lan and the fairies, who blessed Lan with a glowing head.

Eventually everyone moved over one room and found a big glass altar to Aurat, the God Of Light, who traded Ahriman’s Pharonic staff for a gauntlet that defends against undead.

Story So Far (03 Nov)

The party is sitting in the desert outside of the Oasis, trying to decide what to do about food.

Travelling at night to look for lizards and scorpions, and to avoid heat. In the mountains, found an oasis that was made of spirit water. A pair of eyes appeared and talked only to Shalev, and offered to answer basic questions. He asked about the crypt, and when the questions where exhausted, the oasis vanished and the party was refreshed and their water skins were filled with clean water. Even the camel looked happier.

Have traveled down to the Crypt, and after some anti-fear magic, the party eventually decided to crack the statue pedestal and knock it over, they found a pit underneath it. Shalev lowered himself down until a set of blades came out and cut his rope, dropping him through the air. He luckily caught the lip of a circular room, and with Kellyn’s help to create stairs down, the rest of the party finally descended into the darkness.

The “west” passage contained a statue with swords. So, they walled it in.

The “east” passage had a statue with silver bows that Cora couldn’t take.

The “north” passage had an efreet statue that Cora set off intentionally, causing a fireball that killed half the party until extensive magic and polypilng was done to fix everything. Everyone had to rest to recover from the incineration, including Shalev’s cat.

The “south” passage had a bladed figure statue that looks like…. blades, but some look like a handle, and some look like hinges….

They entered the room behind and found a statue, then found secret doors around to “bypass” the worst of things. They’ve found an unhelpful oracle and a box full of snake skeletons guarding a book…..

Only to notice that Ahriman was not there. Apparently an attempt earlier to look into the past went awry enough to make him feel uncomfortable with the way magic is working. Kellyn has been trying to talk him through it.

The party has moved to another room for safety, but the door just opened and in has floated a ghastly figure who said “you’re not dead enough to be here. We can fix that….”

Story So Far (27Oct)

Travelling out of the Oasis to the east, discussing next efforts, and found the northern road to the crypt. Party is suggesting returning to the Temple to cleanse it….

Identified a wand as having 11 charges to immobilize humans, has invocation word.

Group has decided to return to the oasis, finally, though there is not a lot of food to make the four-day trek.

Attacked by three spectres, but Shalev banished two. Kellyn dropped a rock on it, Ahriman lit the rock, then lit it up, and Cora broke her scimitar inside it before falling to the shrapnel from the exploding blade. After a round of trying to convince it to not attack, Shalev finally killed it and absorbed the power into his brooch.

Found a scrolltube with a map between the temple and the crypt, a potion in a bottle made of feathers (flight, made of distilled crows), an ancient wand of polymorph (18 charges), and a highly marked evil evil nasty scroll of evilness (protection by Gnu Tar Tek from the undead, 10 paces radius).

Went back to town, got some food to travel with, and ready to turn back round.

“The only horse I need is over there wearing a loincloth” — Cora

Story So far (27Oct-2)

…..going on….

Caught by the Fortune Teller in the bazaar, a quick deal was made to get a message to the Sheik, then the group headed into the guildhall to find their way into the catacombs under the temple.

Found in a room used by a Mage, a treatise on the management and study of spirits and demons (realm) [introduction], from the Library of Bralizzar’s Academy of The Will, and two scroll tubes now with unfinished scrolls of protection from undead.

Looted the body of what looks like a paladin of Lolth, found a cloak, boots, sword, dagger, javelin, elven chain, and a holy brooch (destroyed).

Found the body of what looks like a follower of Lolth, killed in her bed. The area was ransacked. Ahriman used magic to follow the past, and went outside to continue his spell, only to be seen by the Oasis guard and the Sultan’s first son. He was taken into custody.

Cora followed in the shadows, but was jumped by a dark figure who cursed her for being an elf. She stabbed him in the face, and he turned into a mist and flew away.

Ahriman was talked to by the son, who clubbed himself in the head with a stone to make it look like Ahriman was escaping. Ahriman, being infuriated by this, stabbed him in the neck, took his family seal, then made himself invisible and walked out the front door.

Ahriman, at the guildhall, told his party “The prince just implicated us in his murder. We have to leave.”

North of the city, Shalev opened the magic book and out fell The Book of Amon-Rey and The Tale Of The Years of Munafik, priest of Amon-Rey.

The party is discussing just clearing out the entire Oasis so the princess has a place of her own because everyone else sucks.


This breakpoint after which we’ll start using the adventure log more. This is also a Wiki, so if you see things in the log needing entries, it’s worth putting a slug in so we can create them so people can remember or keep them up to date. So, yes… I’ll allow a player to keep the log, or I’ll type a running commentary… but, this will happen during game play, so the log is accurate. Everyone good with it? Cool.

So What Next?

Lan brings in a decent amount of our stuff, though we’re pretty broke now. We all walk up to where Decland was and I realize that Toshi makes magic items. I pick up Decland’s sword with some fabric and take it back to camp. We end up pushing Decland out to sea, as it is the best way to take care of the body in this area.

Once Lan brings up my chest I use my orb and slate to look at the sword. From the Slate I get:
Crawlsagat – Artifact grade sword. Medium length leaf blade. Not particularly sharp but can hit any target ever. Cannot be blocked. Imbued with energy called Crawls and another engergy called Decland. Can Share the Love once a day. Can direct to and call up “herbs”. Can summon a crowd once a day. Can talk to squirrels three times a day.

Great. Decland is stuck in a sword. We’ll have to fix that at some point.

We decide to move ourselves and our stuff inland. Lan finds fresh water coming from a certain area in the ocean. We walk over to it and find a marshy area that has a pretty decent stream. From there we follow the river/stream inland. As we follow the river, we find mountains to the right where there are occasional streams flowing to the river. Lots of small animals are around though, so we have a decent amount of food. It begins to rain. We camp and see a large bird fly out of the mountains and then back.

The next day we decide to continue to the mountains where we see a lot of green. We follow a small river with the horses because we have no way to store our water. After three days we see most large birds and see them fly back with food. They seem very large. A deep fog rolls in after a couple days and we continue on towards the forest.

Once we enter the forest we notice very large nests among the trees. Some birds fly down and begin to talk to us. WTF TALKING BIRDS. They have gold eyes and brown feathers. They ask Lan if she is a druid and we tell them that she is the avatar of the last druid we know of. They tell us that they are Sha’hao (talking philosophy birds) and they introduce us to a centaur that lives with them. He’s a druid. Lan tells him she does magic, but doesn’t have any good spells to show him.

I tell him that I’m a mage and remember that HOLY CRAP I can make water (I’m dumb). I make some and the centaur is impressed. Taryn makes fun of me. They ask Taryn to tell a story and he tells them about the Roc he met.

The Sha’hao tell us that the minions of Lolth are taking trees from the other side of the mountain.

Taryn talks to one of the older Sha’hao and shows him the Roc claw. The Sha’hao tell him that he has been chosen by the Roc to continue his mission.

They also tell us of a desertwalker. She’s a mage and came with the Great Ships before mankind. She left the city to live in the desert because the cities were not clean of thought. She normally travels with students.

I give the Druid Centaur Leilana’s old druid staff. He uses it to raise and ent for his forest. We explain how we found the staff in the mage tower. They tell us that Bartholomew was buried in the mountains by Dwarves.

They also tell us that there are older dragons in the mountain range. We repay them by sharing with them our Elven brandy. One takes a drink to the desertwalker.

I decide to try and contact Leilana to tell her about what’s happend to our group. By doing this Leilana takes me as one of her followers and I end up with power in faith. WHICH I HAD TOTALLY AVOIDED BEFORE NOW, THANKS. She tells us that Bella is with her now though, so I’m happy.

The centaur brings us a deer and Tobias smoked the deer for us to take with us. Before we decide to head out we have Lan try on Decland’s armor. She does and is able to overcome the dragon inside. This means she’s able to shapeshift into the dragon while she wears the armor.

Then we head off into the unknown.

Meeting the Immortal One

After heading off into the unknown for a bit, our tiny group begins walking along a dune edge following the forest. The Immortal One, who travels with her student, has been looking for us since she received the gift of the Elven Brandy. We piqued her curiosity. She spots us walking along the dune edge, and her student waves us down to partake in some tea. We all stumble down to meet them and share a drink.

We talk a bit to the two, the student obviously the more talkative of the two, as the Immortal only really talks to the Elf, and then only in some type of Elvish. We exchange gifts, we provide them with water and they provide us with tea. I get my orb to translate for me, and they are intrigued. However, the Elf and I soon disintegrate into a tiff and the two move away in annoyance. When they begin to move, a large spider is poised to jump on them. The Elf shoots it and he and the student loot the little spider lair. We find a scroll and I attempt to get Leilanna to teach me how to read it. She reminds me to pray each day. Woo.

The next day we travel on towards the area in the desert with the cursed city.


Things That Happened - Mostly Sad

So we ended with the doctor attempting to remove Leilana’s arm. The Assassin remembers that I recently learned the realm of create and runs to find me. The Bard stays with Leilana in order to keep the doctor from removing her arm. The doctor is freaking out trying to save the Head Scribe and attempts to kick the Prince Regent out of the surgeons table. Obviously, the prince takes offence to that and is very pleased when the Bard also attempts to stop the doctor.

As that is happening, Bellanox arrives and asks me to come with her to deal with Leilana’s arm. Decland decides to follow as well and as we are all heading up the hill, the scribe that was instructed to place Leilana’s name to the top of the list is shot by one of the Prince Regents’s guards. As soon as this happens, two arrows are shot into the Regent’s chest. Bard flips out and stabs one of the archers with the sword he received from Toshi. Then the Bard “convinces” the doctor to let the Regent go first.

That is when Bella and I arrived and we notice the scribe that had been cut in half (he was the archer). Leilana is alone at this point and I attempt to fix it. I end up completely healing her arm and start to try and locate some food and water for her.

After the doctor is done with the Regent, the Regent gets up and asks that the Bard kneel. He goes from Taryn to Sir Taryn. The Regent asks that Taryn clear the city of the scribes who would revolt against him. (Taryn becomes the new Court Marshall.) He requests that he go find the druids that shot him in the chest while Bella and I stay with Leilana. Taryn ends up sending Decland home.

The doctor still would like to cut off Leilana’s arm. Bella and I get him to wait a day and just give her food and water.

Taryn notices that most scribes who have walking sticks have sticks that are more bulky than normal sticks are supposed to be. He talks to various scribes and finds out that the Scribes of the Second Order are more young or at a middle age and the Scribes of the Third Order. Those from the Third Order tell Taryn that the “sticks” were designed by the Scribes of Locar. The pouch that the scribes wear are reinforced and can be used as a bow.

Taryn asks a Fourth Order scribe who would have the authority to ask the Scribes to string their bows. They reply that it would have to be the Cheif Scribe or one of the 5th Order scribes. Taryn called for them to be brought in for questioning, and 5 scribes (as well as 7 royals) arrive. Taryn asks the royals to leave and all except one do. He then requests that the scribes answer his question. Taryn begins to get annoyed as the scribes lie to his face. One of the head scribes talks to the other scribes and asks them to tell the truth. While doing this, he pats Taryn on the back. It turns out that when he patted Taryn on the back, he poisoned him. After questioning two scribes, he begins to feel woozy. The guards go to grab the scribes and one of them knocks into him and Taryn passes out. As he hits the ground he hears “One of the guards tried to kill the Crown Marshall.”

Decland had gone back to the house when Taryn sent him and told the situation to Grandtier’s wife and explained that the Regent is evil and very chaotic. After Decland explains this, the wife makes a huge pot of corn places a grey pallet in it, after which they clean up the yard. They pick up broken barrels, copper/silver/gold, long and short swords, broken spears, the healers melted cart, and our wet and damaged clothes.

Bella and I are there when they move Leilana to a new room with two other patients. One has no legs and the other is a rather heavyset woman who looks very ill and Bella and I notice that her stomach moves sometimes. The heavyset woman turns out to be the 2nd wife of the king. I believe that the wife is pregnant and go to find Grandtier’s wife to help. (The 2nd wife isn’t supposed to get pregnant.) I leave Bella with Leilana. Once I get to the house, I grab Leilana’s staff and Grandtier’s wife. From there we head up to where I left the others.

Once there, I place Leilana’s staff next to her. She looks a little better when I do so, as though she is pulling energy from the staff. Grandtier’s wife agrees with me that the wife is pregnant.

Decland is still looking around for the Chief of Police in order to find Taryn and talk to him. They find out that Taryn has gone missing and was last seen in the 5th ring interviewing some scribes at a warehouse.

Bella uses a type of poison to make the wife seem dead. Aleice (Grandtier’s wife) and Bella take the wife to prepare her for burial. I stay with Leilana. As those two are making their way across the city a group of scribes see them and want to help. Bella finds out that one of The Counsel of the Scribes has killed Taryn. The scribes help the wife give birth to the new King. Bella tells them that she will kill the Regent and one of the scribes takes her down to within the underground of the city. He gives her a ring and poison in order to kill the prince.

After receiving this, she goes to the second ring to get a pretty dress for the occasion. After that, she heads to the parapets and looks for a trash heap. She ends up finding Taryn and giving him the antidote for the nerotoxin that was given to him. When Taryn wakes up, he’s angry (rightfully so) and wants to kill all of the scribes. Bella puts him back to sleep and takes him back to Grandtier’s and explains what is going on to the wife.

Decland finds where Taryn was last seen as notices that everything has been removed. He goes and reports it to the police. Decland comes up to the castle and tells them to tell the Regent about the disappearance of Taryn and asks to talk to me.

I have been sitting with Leilana and she has been growing plants. I decide to take her into the courtyard and see if this helps.

Tobias has been messing with the Elvish armor around the tree. He ends up placing the armor underneath the tree and he sees the Elf step out of the armor and walks into the tree. The Elf’s name was Ellanoriel Tor’Chashene and he was the Emperor of the Western Wilds. The tree on the armor is now gold.

While Bella is dragging Taryn back to Grandtier’s house, Decland helps Grandtier’s wife with her pot of corn. When it starts boiling, he goes and gets her and they put a giant copper spring in a barrel and pour all of the corn into it. Decland figures out that they are making corn mash. The wife offers him some, which he accepts gratefully. The wife then gives the groggy Taryn some to keep him knocked out and less stabby.

Taryn eventually falls asleep and is visted by the Roc. The Roc tells him he needs to not be affected by things and suggests that he should attempt to achieve the zen of the platinum dragon. In order to learn this, the Roc says, he should find a small person with the head of a dog.

While Taryn is asleep, Bella gets ready for her next hit.

While I’m inspecting the tree that is exactly where I left Leilana, the tree begins to crack. It breaks in the center, revealing Leilana with a fully intact arm. Once she jumps out of the tree, it pulls out its roots and walks out the door. This really confuses the guards. Leilana asks me what happened and I detail the situation for her. She’s just as confused as the rest of us about the archer/scribes. She asks if the Regent was the “whiny boy” and is totally embarrassed when he’s right behind her.

Time goes on and Bella kills whiny boy and then a group of old ladies decides it was Ona and they decide to worship her now. Things are better now that their being run by the old ladies. Time does on and Decland somehow creates a malcontent between the rich and poor (totally not his fault). This splits the town a bit and shit goes down. Things end up pretty much okay though until Decland takes some peyote and thinks the sky is the ground and then shares the love with all of us (us being Taryn and I). We get distracted from trying to protect the town from a huge wave and I end up all snuggly with Taryn (I don’t want to talk about that one). A scribe also attempts to take out Bella and dumps her in the sea.

Bella makes it back fine because of a lovely Captain and we learn that there is a giant man coming from the ice caps beyond the land. Once we’re all back together in our lovely group we see the giant dude come into town. We end up trading him our fancy javelin for the milk of the cow that gave birth to the universe. We debate between using it to save Grandtier and a few other things. Grandtier’s wife says not to worry about him, if he is to go then that’s how it is. Leilana is getting pretty annoyed with all of us debating at this point and asks Onara what would happen if she took it. Onara says that it would make her a sister (Goddess). Leilana then asks Decland what would happen to the karma if she took it. Decland lies and tells her it would get better. Leilana then drinks the milk and a bright light appears.

When it fades, Leilana is gone. The giant begins to laugh and says that we are highly amusing. He then asks if any of us need a jacket, because he wants to trade a seal skin one. I decide to try it on before trading and it turns out someone is in the jacket.

The person in my jacket turns out to be a selkie named Lan. She is the avatar of Leilana who is now the Goddess of Orcs, Scribes, Reforestation, and Rangers. She can turn into a seal, which is cool, I guess.

Decland and Taryn go out front to talk for a bit and see a young girl walking up the path to Toshi’s. The girl attempts to talk to Toshi and get him to make her a sword. Toshi refuses to make her one unless she brings him a mummy heart. Taryn laughs at that and wishes the girl good luck and walks back indoors.

We introduce Taryn to Lan and Lan convinces him to play for her. She then tells us she can heal people and talk to sea animals.

Decland decides to go try and talk to the Counsel. He offers to make food for them.

We end up keeping the new Girl and Lan and take them with us to head towards Blackmoore.

We walk a ways and end up back at the city that we started the war at. They went inside for a bit and took forever to come back. I went in after them to try and get them to come out. Decland looks like shit, but Lan is alright.

Once we get back out we decide to walk around on the beach side of the city because of the army on the desert side. Lan gets us some food.

Eventually we come to a cliff face that runs along the ocean. After walking along there for a bit we come to a sheer cliff. Lan goes off to inspect the other side. I decide to try and destroy the water near the beach so we can get the cart off the cliff face before the storm hits. I balls up the spell and end up making a weird horse. Decland comes down with me and tries to preform a faith based spell and ends up being hit by lightning. This makes Taryn, Decland, and I deaf for a bit.

I lead my horse up the mountain and Taryn decides to turn into a leviathan in order to move our things to a safer place. We get the horses and everyone on, but once he starts to swim, Decland and Bella fall off. Lan is in the water and tries to get the Leviathan out to sea because they’re not supposed to be so close to the shore (she does not realize that it is Taryn).

I decide to jump on my horse and try and find either Decland or Bella. I eventually get to Decland and try to pull him up. He spooks my horse a couple times before I can pull him up onto the horse. By this time, the new Girl has fallen off the leviathan as well and Lan found Bella and is trying her best to keep her out of the water. Tobias and the horses are alright so far, however.

Decland and I get turned around and end up way further away than we’re supposed to be and decide to just get to land. Tobias falls off the leviathan once but is able to stay on the rest of the time. The cart falls into the ocean, but the horses are able to make it onto the beach with Decland and I. It turns out my horse was a Prismatic mount and it disappears once the sun comes up. Lan is able to pull the new girl to the beach and Tobias follows soon after as well as Taryn. We realize soon after that we have lost Bellanox.

Decland wanders off and eventually calls out to Tobias. As Tobias watches, Decland stabs himself in the heart with Crawlsagat.


Bella – You were the bomb. I’ll miss the “let’s just kill people” chats.

Decland – You were annoying sometimes, but I wish you would’ve held out. We’ll really miss you.


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