Tir Na n'Fir

An Endless Expanse

Thoughts from the point of view of Cora'sol "The Immortal"

cross posted from Cora’s Travel Journal

The more I study about being a Sacred Druid, the more makes sense with regards to my encounters so far. The book I was gifted with has provided me with much information regarding the history of the druidic tradition. There is an affinity for life as a whole that resonates within me. My god/dess is the world itself, and Life in balance is apparently one of the keys to this order.

In the weeks that I have studied, I have expanded my capabilities remarkably, although there is still much to learn. Perhaps there are others out there who might be able to provide more insight. The K’oa – the bird people- that I have long held trade with might also know more.


We made a short stop at the trade point just outside of Na’Silar to restock and re-outfit ourselves appropriately. While we were spending some time in one of the local taverns, we heard several bards telling stories that the adventuring party was directly or indirectly involved with.It was both amusing and a little disconcerting to hear of the world-news, knowing that we were somehow involved with each of the things mentioned.

We also picked up a new party member – Fife MacDrosten. He touts himself as a huntsman, and shows a remarkable proficiency with the darts and knives he toys with. I noticed that he was trading archery tips to the city guards. Perhaps we can teach each other a thing or two? He has agreed to travel with us, I think more for the sake of the adventure itself. Regardless though, he seems capable.

Being back in the city reminds me sharply why I prefer the sands. I forget that people can be cruel to each other just for the sake of being cruel. I am reminded also that differences are not always acceptable to others. There’s a reason I never say much, or stay long, when visits to civilization are necessary.

We saw Shalev safely back to his family-home, so that he could reunite with his people. He did make quite the impression, and his people reacted to him with due respect. His mother seems quite capable, and very proud of her youngest son. When he introduced me as his teacher, she rose to greet me in an unprecedented display of equality. There was a shared moment between us there, an unspoken and understood statement that he has made both of us proud, and that I will do all in my power to ensure his safety (although I know he thinks he’s ensuring mine.) so long as he and I travel together; and that she would ensure he has a safe and prosperous home to return to.

Much was said without words between she and I.

It will be interesting to see what his mother negotiates with regards to his betrothal to the Princess of the White Palm Oasis. She seemed rather … determined on a few of the points that he mentioned with regards to the way things played out in returning the Princess to safety.

There will be stories told about this match for eons, I’m certain. The bards that tell of it will certainly get their money’s worth from the tale.

There is apparently some ….strife with regards to his older brother. Jealousy perhaps? He’s already shown blatant disrespect on a number of levels, and has made one obvious and failed attempt to assassinate Shalev. I imagine that will only make his life more difficult, and hope that he is not stupid enough to attempt it again. The consequences of his actions have already started a bit of political upheaval, that I think will go unfavorably for him in the end.

While we were there, Kellyn refilled the city cisterns, at Shalev’s request. It appears that the gift Martek gave her in making her younger also may have erased a little bit of her control. She’s volatile to begin with, so the learning curve here might prove to be a bit unstable. The gift of water in the desert cultures is always a profound one, so this almost effortless act on her part accorded her to be treated almost like royalty.


Once things were settled with his family, and the preparations that he needed to be a part of were complete, the party decided to continue on toward the port city where we would hire a ship to take us to our next destination.


How I can describe something I have no memory of ever seeing before now? I was asleep when my people crossed the oceans two and a half millennia ago. I am a desert creature, and the shifting sands are my home.

The sea. It’s impossible. Seeing that stretch of endless water. It’s… wrong. Chaotic. Unpredictable. Unsettling. So much larger than I could have ever imagined.

The ground moved and swayed with no rhythm or discernible pattern. It literally left me speechless, and more than a little horrified. It made me feel… insignificant. I can’t say that I like that feeling.

Lan seems quite taken with the chaos here, and quickly shifted to her seafaring form to frolic in the waves and unknown depths. The travel through the desert has been difficult for her, so we stayed for an entire day to allow her the freedom to play and rejoice in the turbulent waters.

Hiring a ship made for quick and uneventful travel, and here we are. A half a world away from all that is even remotely familiar to me, and traveling toward who-knows-what. That is the life of an adventurer though, is it not?

I feel… exposed here. Perhaps that’s partly due to the change in attire. Desert silks and robes have no place here, and the leather armor that I acquired in the city fits well, and comfortably. But it will take some getting used to. It’s good to have a bow in my hand once again. I have the layan bow that I picked up from the dread-priest during the quest to resurrect Martek, but I can not use it yet with any reliability. I will continue to practice and hone strength and skill to be able to use it, but in the mean time, I picked up a Penician bow to use.

New equipment, new outfit, new place.

The party as a whole remains the same though, and it’s good to have something familiar to ground me here. I do look forward to seeing what else lies over the horizon. It will be interesting to be in a place where no one knows of me. Perhaps I could use a little humility?



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