Tir Na n'Fir

So What Next?

Lan brings in a decent amount of our stuff, though we’re pretty broke now. We all walk up to where Decland was and I realize that Toshi makes magic items. I pick up Decland’s sword with some fabric and take it back to camp. We end up pushing Decland out to sea, as it is the best way to take care of the body in this area.

Once Lan brings up my chest I use my orb and slate to look at the sword. From the Slate I get:
Crawlsagat – Artifact grade sword. Medium length leaf blade. Not particularly sharp but can hit any target ever. Cannot be blocked. Imbued with energy called Crawls and another engergy called Decland. Can Share the Love once a day. Can direct to and call up “herbs”. Can summon a crowd once a day. Can talk to squirrels three times a day.

Great. Decland is stuck in a sword. We’ll have to fix that at some point.

We decide to move ourselves and our stuff inland. Lan finds fresh water coming from a certain area in the ocean. We walk over to it and find a marshy area that has a pretty decent stream. From there we follow the river/stream inland. As we follow the river, we find mountains to the right where there are occasional streams flowing to the river. Lots of small animals are around though, so we have a decent amount of food. It begins to rain. We camp and see a large bird fly out of the mountains and then back.

The next day we decide to continue to the mountains where we see a lot of green. We follow a small river with the horses because we have no way to store our water. After three days we see most large birds and see them fly back with food. They seem very large. A deep fog rolls in after a couple days and we continue on towards the forest.

Once we enter the forest we notice very large nests among the trees. Some birds fly down and begin to talk to us. WTF TALKING BIRDS. They have gold eyes and brown feathers. They ask Lan if she is a druid and we tell them that she is the avatar of the last druid we know of. They tell us that they are Sha’hao (talking philosophy birds) and they introduce us to a centaur that lives with them. He’s a druid. Lan tells him she does magic, but doesn’t have any good spells to show him.

I tell him that I’m a mage and remember that HOLY CRAP I can make water (I’m dumb). I make some and the centaur is impressed. Taryn makes fun of me. They ask Taryn to tell a story and he tells them about the Roc he met.

The Sha’hao tell us that the minions of Lolth are taking trees from the other side of the mountain.

Taryn talks to one of the older Sha’hao and shows him the Roc claw. The Sha’hao tell him that he has been chosen by the Roc to continue his mission.

They also tell us of a desertwalker. She’s a mage and came with the Great Ships before mankind. She left the city to live in the desert because the cities were not clean of thought. She normally travels with students.

I give the Druid Centaur Leilana’s old druid staff. He uses it to raise and ent for his forest. We explain how we found the staff in the mage tower. They tell us that Bartholomew was buried in the mountains by Dwarves.

They also tell us that there are older dragons in the mountain range. We repay them by sharing with them our Elven brandy. One takes a drink to the desertwalker.

I decide to try and contact Leilana to tell her about what’s happend to our group. By doing this Leilana takes me as one of her followers and I end up with power in faith. WHICH I HAD TOTALLY AVOIDED BEFORE NOW, THANKS. She tells us that Bella is with her now though, so I’m happy.

The centaur brings us a deer and Tobias smoked the deer for us to take with us. Before we decide to head out we have Lan try on Decland’s armor. She does and is able to overcome the dragon inside. This means she’s able to shapeshift into the dragon while she wears the armor.

Then we head off into the unknown.



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