Tir Na n'Fir

Story So Far (03 Nov)

The party is sitting in the desert outside of the Oasis, trying to decide what to do about food.

Travelling at night to look for lizards and scorpions, and to avoid heat. In the mountains, found an oasis that was made of spirit water. A pair of eyes appeared and talked only to Shalev, and offered to answer basic questions. He asked about the crypt, and when the questions where exhausted, the oasis vanished and the party was refreshed and their water skins were filled with clean water. Even the camel looked happier.

Have traveled down to the Crypt, and after some anti-fear magic, the party eventually decided to crack the statue pedestal and knock it over, they found a pit underneath it. Shalev lowered himself down until a set of blades came out and cut his rope, dropping him through the air. He luckily caught the lip of a circular room, and with Kellyn’s help to create stairs down, the rest of the party finally descended into the darkness.

The “west” passage contained a statue with swords. So, they walled it in.

The “east” passage had a statue with silver bows that Cora couldn’t take.

The “north” passage had an efreet statue that Cora set off intentionally, causing a fireball that killed half the party until extensive magic and polypilng was done to fix everything. Everyone had to rest to recover from the incineration, including Shalev’s cat.

The “south” passage had a bladed figure statue that looks like…. blades, but some look like a handle, and some look like hinges….

They entered the room behind and found a statue, then found secret doors around to “bypass” the worst of things. They’ve found an unhelpful oracle and a box full of snake skeletons guarding a book…..

Only to notice that Ahriman was not there. Apparently an attempt earlier to look into the past went awry enough to make him feel uncomfortable with the way magic is working. Kellyn has been trying to talk him through it.

The party has moved to another room for safety, but the door just opened and in has floated a ghastly figure who said “you’re not dead enough to be here. We can fix that….”



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