Tir Na n'Fir

Story So Far (16 Mar 14)

goo gone

Stuck in the Garden of the Chimes past Martek’s gate, the party has found themselves confronted by great doors. But no handle, lock, or hinges. It was suggested to them that they try using magic stones to open the door, but they quickly figured out that they were one short.

A new member of the party, Alex, informed them of where one such stone was (after having been confiscated by what passes for a constabulary here), and so they went in search of it. Before they could ask, however, they were told of a marker that indicated how to effectively use the stones, and they went off on a quick side quest for fish.

The marker told them of another word to add to the incantation but when they checked the stones they had, some were missing. Cora quickly tracked the footprints of an elf (not the usual problem here) and rushed to find him. North of the fish was a clearing with a mound of stones and skulls (where justice is pronounced), and caught up with those same lawful guys who said he’d also robbed them.

From the edge of the clearing Cora fired an arrow that carried an enchantment from Kellyn to weary the figure on the mound. He was placing the gems around him on the ground when he took up an unusual pose, caught the arrow before it could release its magical power, then returned it by use of a transparent bow (made of laen, Cora knew immediately, eyes flashing green).

Further magical arrow attacks were attempted, one failing immediately but calling up a stone fae circle that left Lan giddy. Tobias raced across the plain after seeing his lady attacked and almost did devastating damage but was deftly dodged at the last second by a panic’d elf.

Alex and Shalev arrived on the mound and began a flurry of sword strikes that nearly killed… er…. actually really DID mortally wound the dark elf by slicing open his throat and bits of the rest of him (that Kellyn worsened by trying to tear out his throat from a great distance), when he called upon the power of a spider brooch he was wearing and healed himself, revealing his (anti)paladin nature. At this point things get… odd….

Lan, in a fit of giggles, opened a gate to the outer lands and invited in The Horde, a cloud of tiny fey that moved as if a single creature. She then told them of the grave evil on the mound and gave them free reign to dispatch it, so they exploded his armor, pierced his skin 6000 times, and battered him into amorphousness.

Shalev grabbed up the bow and presented it to Cora, and told the Princess that this was how he protected those that were his. Tobias cocked an eyebrow, but was bemused when the Princess asked “so, is she yours? What about me?” to which Shalev answered “we are not married yet.”

The Princess has been in hard contemplation since, while studiously avoiding Lan having never seen her take such dangerous actions. The Horde dispersed into the jungle. The lawful gendarme offered to escort everyone back to the fort to protect them, for they now know that the great doors will open, and Ishmael suggested that the Guilders here may be out to attempt a “stealie” on the divine power in the next world beyond…..



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