Tir Na n'Fir

Story So Far (27Oct)

Travelling out of the Oasis to the east, discussing next efforts, and found the northern road to the crypt. Party is suggesting returning to the Temple to cleanse it….

Identified a wand as having 11 charges to immobilize humans, has invocation word.

Group has decided to return to the oasis, finally, though there is not a lot of food to make the four-day trek.

Attacked by three spectres, but Shalev banished two. Kellyn dropped a rock on it, Ahriman lit the rock, then lit it up, and Cora broke her scimitar inside it before falling to the shrapnel from the exploding blade. After a round of trying to convince it to not attack, Shalev finally killed it and absorbed the power into his brooch.

Found a scrolltube with a map between the temple and the crypt, a potion in a bottle made of feathers (flight, made of distilled crows), an ancient wand of polymorph (18 charges), and a highly marked evil evil nasty scroll of evilness (protection by Gnu Tar Tek from the undead, 10 paces radius).

Went back to town, got some food to travel with, and ready to turn back round.

“The only horse I need is over there wearing a loincloth” — Cora



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