Tir Na n'Fir

Story So far (27Oct-2)

…..going on….

Caught by the Fortune Teller in the bazaar, a quick deal was made to get a message to the Sheik, then the group headed into the guildhall to find their way into the catacombs under the temple.

Found in a room used by a Mage, a treatise on the management and study of spirits and demons (realm) [introduction], from the Library of Bralizzar’s Academy of The Will, and two scroll tubes now with unfinished scrolls of protection from undead.

Looted the body of what looks like a paladin of Lolth, found a cloak, boots, sword, dagger, javelin, elven chain, and a holy brooch (destroyed).

Found the body of what looks like a follower of Lolth, killed in her bed. The area was ransacked. Ahriman used magic to follow the past, and went outside to continue his spell, only to be seen by the Oasis guard and the Sultan’s first son. He was taken into custody.

Cora followed in the shadows, but was jumped by a dark figure who cursed her for being an elf. She stabbed him in the face, and he turned into a mist and flew away.

Ahriman was talked to by the son, who clubbed himself in the head with a stone to make it look like Ahriman was escaping. Ahriman, being infuriated by this, stabbed him in the neck, took his family seal, then made himself invisible and walked out the front door.

Ahriman, at the guildhall, told his party “The prince just implicated us in his murder. We have to leave.”

North of the city, Shalev opened the magic book and out fell The Book of Amon-Rey and The Tale Of The Years of Munafik, priest of Amon-Rey.

The party is discussing just clearing out the entire Oasis so the princess has a place of her own because everyone else sucks.



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