Tir Na n'Fir

Travel log

  • Per margins of journal, drow consider Trisonoma to be a great sacrifice to help bring Spider Bitch over
  • Corra put on the Drow chainmail (P180) – no dex penalty; places leather in boat (Str+2D, no dex penalty), and detects as magical. She puts on the black silk gloves help with dexterous/nimble finger actions, +2pips to Dex. and adds the highly polished onyx stone, size of a robin’s egg.
  • Composite Longbows: min 3D+1 Str, +2pips to Str damage. Power is transferred into the shot
  • Clerical Wand dedicated to something: Destroy Human Magic, 50 pts – Cause Moderate Wounds. Three word phrase activation. Used the wand to charge the Staff of Charging 22 charges, now (27/50). Wand breaks apart.
  • At the Nomadic Outpost: calls themselves the Mubers(sp?). traded 5 Edebi longbows for a stack of processed skins a foot high (8 skins).
  • Dark Lands is another word for the plains of the Underworld/Underdark (per the nomads).
  • Xuxan goes missing from watch on the 11th day of travel – signs of struggle and signs of a large riding lizard.
  • Tracked Xuxan to a cave entrance on a hill that is magically darkened. Also on a Form: Human leyline.



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