Daemon Jaegar (nee Daemon Gerwaltz)

A young, stout orc wizard with light green skin and a crooked nose.


Gender: Male
Age: 16 (started at 13)
Height: 60 inches (5ft)
Weight: 14 Stone (280 lbs)
Willpower: 0 (of 2, Orc Cup & Table, Lloth Invasion)
EXP at Creation: 5 pts
EXP Received: 90 = 76 pts (+14 spent by DM)
EXP Spent: 90 pts

Perception – 2D Dexterity – 2D Strength – 5D
S: Sense Magic: 3D Edge Weapons: 4D Brawling: 6D
Intelligence – 3(1)D Wisdom – 2D Charisma – 1D
S: Read/Write: 1D Dwarven Willpower: 2D Intimidate: 3D
S: Read/Write: 1D Orcish
S: Language: 1D Common, Desert
S: Language: 2D Fyrewherian
Martial Arts 1D
Martial Strike: Add Martial Arts to Strength to Hit or Damage
Magic 7D+1
Technique/Verb Dice Value Form/Object Dice Value
S:Create 2D S:Air
S:Modify 4D S:Earth 2D
S:Destroy 2D S:Fire 2D
S:Move/Control 2D S:Water 1D
S:Perceive 2D S:Animal
S:Human 1D
S:Magic/Power/Vitality 2D
SS: Luck: 1D
SS:Spirits&Demons 1D
Verb Object Dice Spell Name Difficulty Range Power Description
Creo Aquam 3D Gift of the Wife Easy Radius Power/?? 5ft ranks Stinking Cloud in a radius
Creo Ignem 4D Fireball Easy Voice Power/2 Damage Throws a ball of fire at a target
Creo Terram 4D Elemental Armor Medium Personal (Power/5)*2 Hours Magical Field of Rocks as Armor
Muto Human 5D Comprehend Languages Easy Personal Power/5 Comprehension 5 minute duration OR ritualized can extend up to a sunrise/sunset; gains dice equal to language
Muto Human 5D Control Personal Size Difficult Personal Power/?? Duration Shrink or Grow one size category
Muto Human 5D Eyes of the Owl Easy Touch Power/?? Duration Grants owl eyes with night vision
Muto Human 5D Gift of Fortitude Difficult Personal Power/?? Armor Skin thickens the # of ranks to act as armor. Sense of touch deadens
Muto Human 5D Haste Easy Touch Power/5 +D Dexterity for initiative (unknown duration) Material Component: 10gp sapphire – Will be slowed for an equal # of rounds after Haste wears off.
Muto Human 5D Infant Appendage Medium Touch Power/?? Duration Shrinks the limb touched to resemble a pudgy infant’s
Muto Human 5D Shapeshift to the Face Medium Personal Success/Fail, Sun Duration can only shift into the body of the face being worn; Faces owned: Dwarf Ancient General, Human Ancient Diplomat, Human Desert Wind Fanatic, Orc Feud Family, Tauren Pretender
Muto Human 5D Skinshift to the Cloak Difficult Personal Success/Fail, Sun Duration can only shift into the body of the animal of the skin being worn; Cloaks owned: Boar [Faerie], Dog [Greyhound], Invisible Stalker, Raven Feathers
Muto Luck 5D The Environmental Effect Medium Group +Power/10 pips to next action, Power/10 × 10ft area Invokes luck into the area for the next action taken.
Muto Terram 6D Hands of Viscid Clay Med/Diff/V.Diff Touch Power/?? Duration Difficulty based on material: Hardened Earth/Glass, Stone, Metal – use hands to scoop like wet clay
Muto Terram 6D Moulding the Iron Dart Medium Touch Power/2 Damage Pulls iron from the ground into a dart/spear; must be thrown
Muto Terram 6D Paving the Way Easy Radius Power/?? Earth beneath you firms, or Create firm earth radiating from you
Muto Terram 6D Teeth of the Earth Mother Difficult Radius Die Type/5 Ft Radius Distance Creates stalactites in a wave in front of you that does damage
Muto Vim 6D Craft the Circle Very Easy Circle +Power Adds Power stored in Circle into the next spell. Circles have a momentary duration
Muto Vim 6D Contain the Finality Medium Touch +Power Essence Gathers the magical essence of a creature in a detachable digit
Muto Vim 6D Mirror the Form Medium Voice +Power Essence Counterspell, reverses the object – Animal x Plant, Human x Spirit, Mind x Image, Fire x Water, Air x Earth
Muto Vim 6D Mirror the Predicate Medium Voice +Power Essence Counterspell, reverses the verb – Creo x Perdo, Muto x Rego, Celereso x Intellego
Muto Vim 6D Wizard’s Communion Medium Touch +Power Pass power to another mage
Perdo Vim 4D Defile the Circle Easy Touch +Power Essence Attempts to disrupt a circle of power
Perdo Vim 4D Mundanity Restored Very Easy Touch +Power Essence Attempts to suppress an active spell, Power vs. Power
Rego Human 3D Medusa’s Gaze Difficult Voice +Power/?? Duration Hold Person
Rego Human 3D Spasms of the Uncontrolled Limb Easy Voice +Power/5 Dex Penalty for 5 Rounds Causes the targeted person’s limb to spasm uncontrollably
Rego Terram 4D Firing the Deadly Sling Medium Touch Power/3 Damage Fires a prepared stone or bullet after being touched at a single target. It automatically hits.
Rego Terram 4D Gaia’s Spring Medium Voice Power/3 Distance Flings target into the air and moves them up to three hexes
Rego Terram 4D Giant’s Mystic Porter Difficult Voice Power/5 Strength Lift an object up to giant size made of earthen material (Stone, Glass, Metal, Gems, etc.) into the air, can be moved very slowly in any direction
Rego Terram 4D Hands of Grasping Earth Medium Voice Power/?? Strength Area/Group target, hands of hardened Earth/Stone come out and grip anything in the target area
Rego Vim 4D Maintain the Demanding Spell Very Difficult Voice +Power/?? Duration Maintains a spell of Concentration duration for you
Rego Vim 4D Mystical Ward Difficult Circle +Power Essence Create a Circular Ward against magical spells/elements
Rego Spiritus 3D Hold Undead Medium Voice +Power Essense Hold Undead targeted
Perceive Fire 4D Talk Through Fire ??? Arcane Power/?? Duration Create a visual image of someone that can be seen by the fire and communicate with him/her/them
Perceive Human 3D Tracking the Hidden Person Easy Personal Power/10 Add to your tracking roll
Perceive Terram 4D The Stable Path Medium Personal Power/?? Duration
Perceive Vim 4D Nature of Things Very Easy Sight Power/5 per component Perceive components of the magic empowering the item/creature
XP Log Experience Earned 90 Experience Spent 90
XP Detailed Attributes -3xp Skills – 32xp Magic Skills – 39xp Spells – 15xp Rerolls – 1xp
Martial Arts, 3xp; +1D Brawling, 5xp; from 5D+2 to 6 Create, 3xp; +1D Craft the Circle
S: Language – Fyrewherian, 18xp; +1D Destroy, 3xp; +1D Defile the Circle
S: Language – Fyrewerian, 3xp; from 1D to 2 Perceive, 3xp; +1 Nature of Things
S: Language – Common, Desert, 3xp; +1D Water, 3xp; +1D Elemental Armor
Willpower, 3xp; +1D Spirits & Demons, 6xp; +1D Gift of the Wife
Luck, 3xp; +1D Hold Undead
Destroy, 3xp; from 1D to 2 Paved Way
Earth, 3xp; +1D Comprehend Languages
Perceive, 3xp; +1D to 2 Haste
Fire, 6xp; +2D The Environmental Effect
Creo, 3xp, +1D to 2 Mundanity Restored
The Stable Path
Talk Through Fire
Tracking the Hidden Person

Trained – 5D Edge Weapons, 3D Willpower, Language: Desert Common – Written, Survival
Magus Auker’s Queued Spells to Learn (all Easy unless marked differently) -

  • Creo Human (Medium): Chirurgeon’s Touch – power/10 levels of health restored.
  • Modify Human: Sleep
  • Modify Human: Bull’s Strength (up to 5D)
  • Muto Air: Invisibility
  • Rego Air: Levitation
  • Rego Air (Medium): Air Walking
  • Rego Terram: Arcane Lock
  • Creo Ignem: Magc MIssile
  • Creo Fire: Fireball – learned
  • Creo Terram: Shield Spell
  • Creo Air: Stinking Cloud
  • Creo Animal: Spiderwebs – Restrict Person

Objective: VENGEANCE!!!
History: Gran T’ir is the Emperor’s tribe; Daemon was born in the Lost Branch of Ven T’ir’s tribe and families. After a schism and the discovery of Leilanna (and the cup and table), his family was slaughtered by the other families for opposing the use of the cup and table to be immortal. Hates Leilanna for introducing this strife into his tribe.

Appearance: Bulky, short orc with hunched shoulders wearing a simple orcish gi robe. Has a belt pack, pouches, and thigh bags strapped on with simple rope. Carries a traveler’s satchel under an oiled cloak inherited from his hunter uncle. Now travels with an Adventurer’s Pack and an oversized Sailor’s Duffel that usually stays on the cart/transport.

Personal: Tall staff from Toshi (wrapped), Ring of Intelligence (+2D), Medallion and Star Gem of Magical Invigoration, Amulet of Luck, Gi robe, Oiled Hunter’s Cloak, Traveler’s Belt, Vis Thigh Bag, Bandolier, Traveler’s Satchel, Adventure Pack, Sailor’s Duffel, Chest on boat;

Traveler’s Belt (with medium satchel, sheathes, pouches, and hooks) -

  • Gem of True Seeing (belt satchel)
  • Inexhaustible Quill (belt satchel)
  • ink from LaCosta’s Tower (belt satchel)
  • beef jerky, 1 lb (belt bag)
  • Silver Kitchen Knife (belt sheath)
  • waterskin (belt hook)
  • Jacko’s Lantern & Striker: 1000pt move/control wind (spent, belt hook)

Vis Thigh Bag -

  • 1 Spider fang – animal, +1
  • 2 Spider legs – animal, +1
  • 2 Hornet wing – animal, +1
  • 3 Spider Fangs – animal, +1D
  • 1 (glowing) Spider leg – animal, +1D
  • 2 Cockatrice feathers – animal, +2
  • 1 Extraplanar Water – aquam, Spirits & Demons, +1D
  • 1 Fire Gem – Creo, Ignem, +30pts
  • 3 Black Gems – rego, herbam; +1D
  • 1 Ruby Gem of Ignem; between 1D+2 and 2D (Vis from Sky Giant Tower)
  • 1 Gold Topaz of Creo; +1D+1
  • 2 Lavendar Gems (Vis, unidentified, from Sky Giant Tower)
  • 20 – 25 Seven Leaf Clovers – creo, luck, +2 or +3, maybe?

Potion Bandelier (3 Potion Slots, 3 Vial Slots, Coin Pouch, Hidden Sheath)

  • Vial of Wasp Poison (extra damage vs undead)
  • Potion of Universal Health
  • Large Inkwells of Acid x2
  • Money Pouch – CC: 30, SC: 115, GC: 13, PC:

Traveler’s Satchel:

  • Sealed Bottle of Fire (Efreet – call me Vishap Shaier)
  • Personal Spellbook
  • Magus Auker’s Useful While Traveling Spellbook
  • Book of Scrying (acquired at the same location that taught about the Star Gems)
  • Scalps – Dwarf Ancient General, Human Ancient Diplomat, Human Desert Wind Fanatic, Orc Feud Family, Tauren Pretender
  • Hatchet (Str+1D), outside sheath
  • Faerie Candle that does not melt
  • Trap needle, poisoned (dismantled from Emer underground (I think mage tower?), sealed in bone scroll case
  • Jewelry/Gem Pouch: copper brooch, gold rings x2, taurmaline x2, topaz, emeralds (low grade) x3, garnets x4, crumpled aluminum balls (crushed breastplates) x2

Adventurer’s Pack:

  • Standard Load +
  • extra Rope, Silk, 50 ft
  • Orcish Polearm, outside strap
  • How to Heat Metals; orcish book
  • beef jerky, 3 lbs
  • beast jerky, 1 lb (from the Edge of the Lower Ward, Cave of Barth)
  • Diems x3 (gold, 50gp)
  • Gold Plate (giant coin from Sky Tumble Giant’s Tower)
  • Human Traveler’s clothes
  • Dwarvish Common Clothing

Sailor’s Duffel & Chest (on boat)

  • Bags of silver (900 pieces) (Taurens)
  • Human Desert Fanatic (of the Wind) Clothing
  • Human Ancient Diplomatic Robes
  • Tauren Traveling Clothing (assumed to be traveler’s clothing)
  • Dwarvish Armor’s Underclothing
  • Royal Apple Sapling, outside basket hook
  • Broadsword, Masterwork
  • Fireball spell (without magical power – component for research)
  • Obsidian shards x 10

Traveling Cart (when in use; on boat when not):

  • halves of beef jerky x2
  • cured bacon
  • Elven wine x2, 125 years old
  • Extra Tent
  • Collapsible Cot
  • Extra Rope, Hemp, 50 ft
  • Extra Torches, 5
  • bag of silver (1000) (Taurens)
  • Fishing Pole and Kit (from Mummer)
  • Snow Goggles x2 (from Nomadic Outpost)
  • Library Chest: (Orcish) – Arrival of the Elves, Art of War (by Gran T’ir, Diplomacy), Art Plates by Jorax, Mechanization: Automation, Mechanization: Dungeoneering, Orcish Religion: a History, Technological Advancements: From Simple to Flying Machines

Daemon Jaegar (nee Daemon Gerwaltz)

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