Shalev Ben Barak Ben Aris

Paladin of Ma'at/Desert Ranger



INTELLIGENCE 2 Languages (Elven)(Ancient Elven, Common [ Desert ,Sea]) Survival (Desert, Ocean, Winter) 5 S: Read/Write 3

DEXTERITY 4 Dodge 7 Edge Weapons 5 Edge Weapons 8

WISDOM 2 Animal Handling 7 Bargain 4 Chirurgy/First Aid 4 Diplomacy 3 Willpower 6

STRENGTH 4 Brawling 5D+1

CHARISMA 2 Command 4 Etiquette 3 Intimidate 3

FAITH 2 Create 1 Perceive 1 Sphere of the Deity (Ma’at) 1

Willpoints 1/2

1 Used to battle Dark Elven Paladin, not regained yet
2. Used to rescue Kellyn in the swamp from the crossbowman regained


Background: Shalev ben Barak ben Aris, Betrothed to be Consort to Princess Shadala of the Oasis of the White Palm, Baron of the Court of Count John of Eeyore, brother to Mah-Aharon, master of the southern trade route and keeper of the swords of the angels, is the younger of the two sons of Barak, and the dreamer who does not want to rule. Skilled with animals, the second son was a willing student but preferred to tend to the animals on the estate than the matters of business. Rescued a desert leopard kitten from a crocodile. Explored the wild, and after a year, found a High Elf, Cora’sol Tyrtlarn known as The Immortal, Mistress of Memory, who was amused enough by him to take him as a pupil. A quiet man, he does not speak without purpose and must often be reined in, his imagination making him impulsive, when he veers from the practical to the fantastic and back. He dislikes cities which are loud, and unnecessarily cruel.

The city, such as it was, where he grew up is Garmeh sha Kavir met Dashtir. It’s ten miles from the coast at the head of the southern trade routes that lead deep into Ariscolia’s deserts. This desert is known as Dashtir-Nagsha, up until the edge of the Elven range (the stone mountains that mark the southern border of the Desert Elven lands). In fact, it is from one of those elves that he first heard of the golden axes and swords that used to mark the leaders of the southern desert, when it was fertile.

Zarat is the regional Goddess (most cities/tribes have local divinity clusters) associated with women, and is invoked regularly for fertility issues, a common complaint for the last millennia. The curse against the fertility of the world is so strong as you move into the desert that it is said “may my womb contain Dashtir” when women insult each other with vile curses. The tribal God of the men is Taveyeh, who guards the sons of the chosen and their younger brothers. Dashtir is also worshiped, as the desert is a living thing even when it is sick, and is the power behind the animals and plants and water of the land.

Released from family duty to Barak when his brother began taking on the business of being family leader and tribal voice. When he asked his mother (Cerma) if there was anything else h might do for her, she mentioned visiting her family in Kranth, and to offer greetings from the House of Kolta (to refill their cisterns). It will be a future stopping point as the Dark Elf army may be advancing into that region.

Amit and he are currently unholy due to Amit’s use of the magic from the Sword of Nine Lives Stealing given by Martek, and he must create Law in order to regain balance. Having died, he was judged evil, and there will be a time, which Ma’at informs him will know, when he must create Law or die. Having touched a Holy Defender longsword aligned to Ma’at, he has become a full paladin, and now have powers not associated with his broach.

He found a teacher, who helped him learn to survive, helped bring water back to the desert by ending an ancient curse, fought off an Efreet, healed his party from death, freed a Djinn, assisted in restoring a mage back to life, found the lost formula for the Egyptian Bronze, been accepted as a paladin by a goddess, managed the logistics for his party in terms of food and healing, made it possible to heal the Maker of the Elves through his foresight, helped Kellyn bind a Demon Prince, managed to throw off the control of Sacatha and with the help of Fife, end him. His soul was weighted by Ma’at and found wanting. She advised him that it was not enough to destroy Evil, he must also do Good. She did not specify if this superseded or was in addition to her command to create Law, and so he will attempt to do both. Made a Baron in the court of Count John of Eeyore, and being landless, need not pay taxes to him, and working on creating trade routes to the Oasis before returning to be married.

Current plans

  1. Visit the Elven City (Emer) with the Sylvan Tree
  2. Return the library book for Joff’rey
  3. Heal and Sylvan tree before assisting Cora’sol Tyrtlarn in deciding the appropriate treatment of the elves which abused it
  4. Deal with the regenerating elves/orcs
  5. See if we may find the healing cup the Elven noble mentioned to heal the Gran’Tir, and perhaps participate in the tournament, to improve equipment and test our skills,
  6. Return to the Oasis of the White Palm, for the wedding
  7. Clear the Temple under the city for Nutartek.
  8. End the advance of the Dark Elven army for which he will need to retrieve CrawlsArgot, which is 675 days travel by camel to the South East of the Oasis of the White Palm
  9. Visit the forests to the North, to see if any druids there may teach Cora of sacred druids.

Shalev Ben Barak Ben Aris

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