Shalev Ben Barak

Desert Paladin/Ranger


A lightly tanned man with a close cropped beard and short hair, dressed in crocodile leather armor and desert robes. Moves with grace, Wears a necklace with crocodile teeth around his neck. Often accompanied by his desert cat, Amit. Prefers lighter colors, little jewelry or affectation. Carries a scimitar on his back, a long sword on his waist (left side), three daggers (base of his spine, left side of bekt and in his boot, a dragon scale shield, and wears a feather broach. Carries a combat spear in his right hand, which is generally his first weapon to use.

His cat, Amit, wears armor removed from a giant rat, summoned by externalized magic.


Shalev Ben Barak ben Aris, Master of the Southern Trade Route and Keeper of the Swords of the Angels, of the city of Garmeh sha Kavir met Dashtir is the younger of two sons, and the dreamer who does not want to rule. Skilled with animals, the minor son was a willing student but preferred to tend to the animals on the estate than the matters of business. Rescued a leopard kitten from a crocodile, which he killed with his sword and later skinned to make his leather armor, which he is known for wearing instead of the cloth common to the area. Sought a teacher in the wild and found an Elf who was amused enough by him to take him as a pupil. A quiet man, he does not often speak and must often be reined in, when he veers from the practical to the fantastic and back. He dislikes cities which are loud, and unnecessarily cruel.

Likes stories of the past and is curious about the desert and the treasures which may lay within its bounds. Appreciates weapons for the tools they are and looks for a sword which is worthy of his skill. Loyal to his family, he visits regularly, and is loved by his brother, if only because he does not desire to inherit and leaves the business to those suited for it. Not materialistic, does not believe in owning more than he can carry, save when needed to survive. Sees money as the means to an end, not an end in and of itself, and will not burden himself with more than he can reasonably transport, if at all possible.

Will go along with a group to a point, but has certain hard lines, which he will not cross. Has a pack mentality, and is aware of his innate lack of diplomacy, which he works to correct.

Man is an animal, like any other. Some animals build lairs, live there all their lives, and die when they lose it. Some animals are nomadic, following their food, perhaps not as secure, but also not bound to a specific place, and thus have more freedom.

I was born to a family that was settled down, and had trouble bearing it. I was the dog of my family, clumsy and stupid, good for simple tasks and following orders. I was loyal to a fault, and cared for my family. I was the second son, and respected my older brother. He treated me with patronizing good grace, appreciating my loyalty and lack of ambition, and covering for me when I ventured out, never sure if I would return.

In one of my escapes, I saw a crocodile hunting a small desert cat, and in my anger at the way it was toying with its prey, I attacked. I slew it and skinned it, and its skin is my armor, its teeth a decoration around my neck. While my brother was more skilled in politics, I studied arms and attained a reasonable level of skill. When I reached the age of majority, I bid farewell to my parents and went out into the wilderness, to live on the land, and away from people. They are confusing, and while in small groups they are tolerable, in larger ones they irritate me.

I was in the desert for several months, surviving reasonably well, when I turned to see a robed rigure at my fire. I bid her welcome and offered her food, for I was raised with manners, even if I am unskilled in their use. She had been watching me for some time, and traveled with me, never saying a word, though she did display amusement at my foibles. After a time, I began to copy her actions, and learned quickly about surviving, and fighting, and avoiding.

She is lonely, I think, and bored, and looking for something new. I’m never asked her age, nor has she given it, and it was years before she gave me her name. She asked me once, were I to make a wish, what was my desire. She raised an eyebrow, when I answered “Wisdom, for I am a fool.” and shortly thereafter consented to teach me. I can’t tell if she thinks I can actually learn or just wants to see what stupid thing I’ll do next, but either way, I am learning from her council, when I understand it.

I remember hearing stories of weapons made with an odd color, and I’d like to possess one someday, having heard of their prowess. The only one I have seen to date was possessed by a group we found wandering the desert. There is a water dog who turns into a woman, who now has wings and can fly, a irritable and irritating mage, a young girl better than I with a sword, though she is still young, a desert elf, and a mind mage of power. There was a bard with them, but he departed for parts unknown shortly after we joined them.

The sea dog helped heal my cat, so I will stay with them a time, in thanks. The irritated mage helped clear a path which allowed us to meet some Elven gods, who healed my teacher, and I promised to escort her to and from a tomb she wished to visit. We have been there, and I owe her nothing more, especially as she was willing to leave me to die. The Elf I like the best, for like me he does not allow greed to control his actions. The mind mage is useful, though he is a city creature.

There are dangers and evils in the desert, and as I know of them, I must oppose them, for the alternative is unthinkable. I may fall, but if I do, at least it was for a just cause.

As the Goddess Ma’at came to my aid, I will serve her faithfully until she no longer needs me to serve her or I die in her service, whichever happens first. I’ve come to terms with being a paladin, and will do my best to upload the law wherever I go.

Accepted that he is now a paladin, working for the betterment of the group and following the word of Ma’at. Wishes to establish his own house, and will someday return to his family to formally start his own house, a traveling house vs. the stationary house he grew up in.

Plans to explore the world and see what he can find out about the bronze metal. Getting ready to face the Fire Spirit again, and rescue the princess, take her to release the Air Spirit, and then present her to the court of the Sheik, to restore the honor of his family name. Will NOT require she be kept there, if she does not so choose, especially given the latest revelations about the second son of the Sheik.

Shalev Ben Barak

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