Tir Na n'Fir

So What Next?

Lan brings in a decent amount of our stuff, though we’re pretty broke now. We all walk up to where Decland was and I realize that Toshi makes magic items. I pick up Decland’s sword with some fabric and take it back to camp. We end up pushing Decland out to sea, as it is the best way to take care of the body in this area.

Once Lan brings up my chest I use my orb and slate to look at the sword. From the Slate I get:
Crawlsagat – Artifact grade sword. Medium length leaf blade. Not particularly sharp but can hit any target ever. Cannot be blocked. Imbued with energy called Crawls and another engergy called Decland. Can Share the Love once a day. Can direct to and call up “herbs”. Can summon a crowd once a day. Can talk to squirrels three times a day.

Great. Decland is stuck in a sword. We’ll have to fix that at some point.

We decide to move ourselves and our stuff inland. Lan finds fresh water coming from a certain area in the ocean. We walk over to it and find a marshy area that has a pretty decent stream. From there we follow the river/stream inland. As we follow the river, we find mountains to the right where there are occasional streams flowing to the river. Lots of small animals are around though, so we have a decent amount of food. It begins to rain. We camp and see a large bird fly out of the mountains and then back.

The next day we decide to continue to the mountains where we see a lot of green. We follow a small river with the horses because we have no way to store our water. After three days we see most large birds and see them fly back with food. They seem very large. A deep fog rolls in after a couple days and we continue on towards the forest.

Once we enter the forest we notice very large nests among the trees. Some birds fly down and begin to talk to us. WTF TALKING BIRDS. They have gold eyes and brown feathers. They ask Lan if she is a druid and we tell them that she is the avatar of the last druid we know of. They tell us that they are Sha’hao (talking philosophy birds) and they introduce us to a centaur that lives with them. He’s a druid. Lan tells him she does magic, but doesn’t have any good spells to show him.

I tell him that I’m a mage and remember that HOLY CRAP I can make water (I’m dumb). I make some and the centaur is impressed. Taryn makes fun of me. They ask Taryn to tell a story and he tells them about the Roc he met.

The Sha’hao tell us that the minions of Lolth are taking trees from the other side of the mountain.

Taryn talks to one of the older Sha’hao and shows him the Roc claw. The Sha’hao tell him that he has been chosen by the Roc to continue his mission.

They also tell us of a desertwalker. She’s a mage and came with the Great Ships before mankind. She left the city to live in the desert because the cities were not clean of thought. She normally travels with students.

I give the Druid Centaur Leilana’s old druid staff. He uses it to raise and ent for his forest. We explain how we found the staff in the mage tower. They tell us that Bartholomew was buried in the mountains by Dwarves.

They also tell us that there are older dragons in the mountain range. We repay them by sharing with them our Elven brandy. One takes a drink to the desertwalker.

I decide to try and contact Leilana to tell her about what’s happend to our group. By doing this Leilana takes me as one of her followers and I end up with power in faith. WHICH I HAD TOTALLY AVOIDED BEFORE NOW, THANKS. She tells us that Bella is with her now though, so I’m happy.

The centaur brings us a deer and Tobias smoked the deer for us to take with us. Before we decide to head out we have Lan try on Decland’s armor. She does and is able to overcome the dragon inside. This means she’s able to shapeshift into the dragon while she wears the armor.

Then we head off into the unknown.

Meeting the Immortal One

After heading off into the unknown for a bit, our tiny group begins walking along a dune edge following the forest. The Immortal One, who travels with her student, has been looking for us since she received the gift of the Elven Brandy. We piqued her curiosity. She spots us walking along the dune edge, and her student waves us down to partake in some tea. We all stumble down to meet them and share a drink.

We talk a bit to the two, the student obviously the more talkative of the two, as the Immortal only really talks to the Elf, and then only in some type of Elvish. We exchange gifts, we provide them with water and they provide us with tea. I get my orb to translate for me, and they are intrigued. However, the Elf and I soon disintegrate into a tiff and the two move away in annoyance. When they begin to move, a large spider is poised to jump on them. The Elf shoots it and he and the student loot the little spider lair. We find a scroll and I attempt to get Leilanna to teach me how to read it. She reminds me to pray each day. Woo.

The next day we travel on towards the area in the desert with the cursed city.


Things That Happened - Mostly Sad

So we ended with the doctor attempting to remove Leilana’s arm. The Assassin remembers that I recently learned the realm of create and runs to find me. The Bard stays with Leilana in order to keep the doctor from removing her arm. The doctor is freaking out trying to save the Head Scribe and attempts to kick the Prince Regent out of the surgeons table. Obviously, the prince takes offence to that and is very pleased when the Bard also attempts to stop the doctor.

As that is happening, Bellanox arrives and asks me to come with her to deal with Leilana’s arm. Decland decides to follow as well and as we are all heading up the hill, the scribe that was instructed to place Leilana’s name to the top of the list is shot by one of the Prince Regents’s guards. As soon as this happens, two arrows are shot into the Regent’s chest. Bard flips out and stabs one of the archers with the sword he received from Toshi. Then the Bard “convinces” the doctor to let the Regent go first.

That is when Bella and I arrived and we notice the scribe that had been cut in half (he was the archer). Leilana is alone at this point and I attempt to fix it. I end up completely healing her arm and start to try and locate some food and water for her.

After the doctor is done with the Regent, the Regent gets up and asks that the Bard kneel. He goes from Taryn to Sir Taryn. The Regent asks that Taryn clear the city of the scribes who would revolt against him. (Taryn becomes the new Court Marshall.) He requests that he go find the druids that shot him in the chest while Bella and I stay with Leilana. Taryn ends up sending Decland home.

The doctor still would like to cut off Leilana’s arm. Bella and I get him to wait a day and just give her food and water.

Taryn notices that most scribes who have walking sticks have sticks that are more bulky than normal sticks are supposed to be. He talks to various scribes and finds out that the Scribes of the Second Order are more young or at a middle age and the Scribes of the Third Order. Those from the Third Order tell Taryn that the “sticks” were designed by the Scribes of Locar. The pouch that the scribes wear are reinforced and can be used as a bow.

Taryn asks a Fourth Order scribe who would have the authority to ask the Scribes to string their bows. They reply that it would have to be the Cheif Scribe or one of the 5th Order scribes. Taryn called for them to be brought in for questioning, and 5 scribes (as well as 7 royals) arrive. Taryn asks the royals to leave and all except one do. He then requests that the scribes answer his question. Taryn begins to get annoyed as the scribes lie to his face. One of the head scribes talks to the other scribes and asks them to tell the truth. While doing this, he pats Taryn on the back. It turns out that when he patted Taryn on the back, he poisoned him. After questioning two scribes, he begins to feel woozy. The guards go to grab the scribes and one of them knocks into him and Taryn passes out. As he hits the ground he hears “One of the guards tried to kill the Crown Marshall.”

Decland had gone back to the house when Taryn sent him and told the situation to Grandtier’s wife and explained that the Regent is evil and very chaotic. After Decland explains this, the wife makes a huge pot of corn places a grey pallet in it, after which they clean up the yard. They pick up broken barrels, copper/silver/gold, long and short swords, broken spears, the healers melted cart, and our wet and damaged clothes.

Bella and I are there when they move Leilana to a new room with two other patients. One has no legs and the other is a rather heavyset woman who looks very ill and Bella and I notice that her stomach moves sometimes. The heavyset woman turns out to be the 2nd wife of the king. I believe that the wife is pregnant and go to find Grandtier’s wife to help. (The 2nd wife isn’t supposed to get pregnant.) I leave Bella with Leilana. Once I get to the house, I grab Leilana’s staff and Grandtier’s wife. From there we head up to where I left the others.

Once there, I place Leilana’s staff next to her. She looks a little better when I do so, as though she is pulling energy from the staff. Grandtier’s wife agrees with me that the wife is pregnant.

Decland is still looking around for the Chief of Police in order to find Taryn and talk to him. They find out that Taryn has gone missing and was last seen in the 5th ring interviewing some scribes at a warehouse.

Bella uses a type of poison to make the wife seem dead. Aleice (Grandtier’s wife) and Bella take the wife to prepare her for burial. I stay with Leilana. As those two are making their way across the city a group of scribes see them and want to help. Bella finds out that one of The Counsel of the Scribes has killed Taryn. The scribes help the wife give birth to the new King. Bella tells them that she will kill the Regent and one of the scribes takes her down to within the underground of the city. He gives her a ring and poison in order to kill the prince.

After receiving this, she goes to the second ring to get a pretty dress for the occasion. After that, she heads to the parapets and looks for a trash heap. She ends up finding Taryn and giving him the antidote for the nerotoxin that was given to him. When Taryn wakes up, he’s angry (rightfully so) and wants to kill all of the scribes. Bella puts him back to sleep and takes him back to Grandtier’s and explains what is going on to the wife.

Decland finds where Taryn was last seen as notices that everything has been removed. He goes and reports it to the police. Decland comes up to the castle and tells them to tell the Regent about the disappearance of Taryn and asks to talk to me.

I have been sitting with Leilana and she has been growing plants. I decide to take her into the courtyard and see if this helps.

Tobias has been messing with the Elvish armor around the tree. He ends up placing the armor underneath the tree and he sees the Elf step out of the armor and walks into the tree. The Elf’s name was Ellanoriel Tor’Chashene and he was the Emperor of the Western Wilds. The tree on the armor is now gold.

While Bella is dragging Taryn back to Grandtier’s house, Decland helps Grandtier’s wife with her pot of corn. When it starts boiling, he goes and gets her and they put a giant copper spring in a barrel and pour all of the corn into it. Decland figures out that they are making corn mash. The wife offers him some, which he accepts gratefully. The wife then gives the groggy Taryn some to keep him knocked out and less stabby.

Taryn eventually falls asleep and is visted by the Roc. The Roc tells him he needs to not be affected by things and suggests that he should attempt to achieve the zen of the platinum dragon. In order to learn this, the Roc says, he should find a small person with the head of a dog.

While Taryn is asleep, Bella gets ready for her next hit.

While I’m inspecting the tree that is exactly where I left Leilana, the tree begins to crack. It breaks in the center, revealing Leilana with a fully intact arm. Once she jumps out of the tree, it pulls out its roots and walks out the door. This really confuses the guards. Leilana asks me what happened and I detail the situation for her. She’s just as confused as the rest of us about the archer/scribes. She asks if the Regent was the “whiny boy” and is totally embarrassed when he’s right behind her.

Time goes on and Bella kills whiny boy and then a group of old ladies decides it was Ona and they decide to worship her now. Things are better now that their being run by the old ladies. Time does on and Decland somehow creates a malcontent between the rich and poor (totally not his fault). This splits the town a bit and shit goes down. Things end up pretty much okay though until Decland takes some peyote and thinks the sky is the ground and then shares the love with all of us (us being Taryn and I). We get distracted from trying to protect the town from a huge wave and I end up all snuggly with Taryn (I don’t want to talk about that one). A scribe also attempts to take out Bella and dumps her in the sea.

Bella makes it back fine because of a lovely Captain and we learn that there is a giant man coming from the ice caps beyond the land. Once we’re all back together in our lovely group we see the giant dude come into town. We end up trading him our fancy javelin for the milk of the cow that gave birth to the universe. We debate between using it to save Grandtier and a few other things. Grandtier’s wife says not to worry about him, if he is to go then that’s how it is. Leilana is getting pretty annoyed with all of us debating at this point and asks Onara what would happen if she took it. Onara says that it would make her a sister (Goddess). Leilana then asks Decland what would happen to the karma if she took it. Decland lies and tells her it would get better. Leilana then drinks the milk and a bright light appears.

When it fades, Leilana is gone. The giant begins to laugh and says that we are highly amusing. He then asks if any of us need a jacket, because he wants to trade a seal skin one. I decide to try it on before trading and it turns out someone is in the jacket.

The person in my jacket turns out to be a selkie named Lan. She is the avatar of Leilana who is now the Goddess of Orcs, Scribes, Reforestation, and Rangers. She can turn into a seal, which is cool, I guess.

Decland and Taryn go out front to talk for a bit and see a young girl walking up the path to Toshi’s. The girl attempts to talk to Toshi and get him to make her a sword. Toshi refuses to make her one unless she brings him a mummy heart. Taryn laughs at that and wishes the girl good luck and walks back indoors.

We introduce Taryn to Lan and Lan convinces him to play for her. She then tells us she can heal people and talk to sea animals.

Decland decides to go try and talk to the Counsel. He offers to make food for them.

We end up keeping the new Girl and Lan and take them with us to head towards Blackmoore.

We walk a ways and end up back at the city that we started the war at. They went inside for a bit and took forever to come back. I went in after them to try and get them to come out. Decland looks like shit, but Lan is alright.

Once we get back out we decide to walk around on the beach side of the city because of the army on the desert side. Lan gets us some food.

Eventually we come to a cliff face that runs along the ocean. After walking along there for a bit we come to a sheer cliff. Lan goes off to inspect the other side. I decide to try and destroy the water near the beach so we can get the cart off the cliff face before the storm hits. I balls up the spell and end up making a weird horse. Decland comes down with me and tries to preform a faith based spell and ends up being hit by lightning. This makes Taryn, Decland, and I deaf for a bit.

I lead my horse up the mountain and Taryn decides to turn into a leviathan in order to move our things to a safer place. We get the horses and everyone on, but once he starts to swim, Decland and Bella fall off. Lan is in the water and tries to get the Leviathan out to sea because they’re not supposed to be so close to the shore (she does not realize that it is Taryn).

I decide to jump on my horse and try and find either Decland or Bella. I eventually get to Decland and try to pull him up. He spooks my horse a couple times before I can pull him up onto the horse. By this time, the new Girl has fallen off the leviathan as well and Lan found Bella and is trying her best to keep her out of the water. Tobias and the horses are alright so far, however.

Decland and I get turned around and end up way further away than we’re supposed to be and decide to just get to land. Tobias falls off the leviathan once but is able to stay on the rest of the time. The cart falls into the ocean, but the horses are able to make it onto the beach with Decland and I. It turns out my horse was a Prismatic mount and it disappears once the sun comes up. Lan is able to pull the new girl to the beach and Tobias follows soon after as well as Taryn. We realize soon after that we have lost Bellanox.

Decland wanders off and eventually calls out to Tobias. As Tobias watches, Decland stabs himself in the heart with Crawlsagat.


Bella – You were the bomb. I’ll miss the “let’s just kill people” chats.

Decland – You were annoying sometimes, but I wish you would’ve held out. We’ll really miss you.

The Stoner Gets the Tree High and The Druid Learns Not to Pet Cute FooDogs.

Obviously, Grandtier’s family is very confused about why we’re here and all of our stuff is strewn around their yard. The Druid explains to them that her new god, Onara (the daughter of her other god, Ona), transported us here with our stuff. While she is explaining the situation to the Wife and Daughter, the Stoner looks over the edge of the cliff to see what the planks fell on. With our wonderful luck, the planks landed on top of a processional that was going though the city towards the Gladiator ring in order to watch the games that go on at this time every year. Soon enough, the alarm begins to go off all over the city. We decide that we should probably go inside for the moment. (It turns out later that we crushed the royal processional and killed about 50 – 70 % of the royals in the city. Oops.)

We introduce the Assassin to Grandtier’s family, though not Grandtier, as he is not having a “good” day. The Bard heads out to the barn to say hello to the sons, and the rest of us stay in the main house and talk to the daughter and wife. A bit later, the Assassin and I head out to join the bard, while the Stoner shucks corn for the family, and the Druid goes to visit Grandtier. Grandtier is obviously very pale and does not seem to really realize who the Druid is. The Wife has told us that since he was healed he has good days and bad days, and that it will take a very long time for him to heal. She suggest that perhaps we might find something to help him heal more quickly.

I introduce Bella to the sons and make sure they understand that she is not on the market. The Bard makes a joke (at my expense, I think?) and I joke that he is just jealous of Grandtier’s Mage son who has been trying to win my hand. The Son takes it seriously and challenges the Bard to a preforming contest (My reaction is one of dismay, as I don’t really want to choose anyone and I’m more likely to marry my Orb than anything else, at the moment). It seems my reaction does not matter, and they begin to search for a place to preform.

Around lunchtime, the Stoner decides to hold a service, as he always does. However, no one has really informed him of what the Sylvan tree does when any type of faith magic is cast (I don’t know if it works with magic the same way). He ends up having a good service and begins to talk to Grandtier’s wife about his god. They make one of his stoney teas and he casts Share the Love, which begins to make the tree throb, as well as all of the money (the money is made from the tree’s sap). I ask the Assassin to go out and get my things for me, as I am convinced that someone is going to come after the Stoner because of the whole “this city has no gods” thing. The Elf, who has been sitting in front of the tree with the Elven armor, is super stoned and absolutely convinced that the tree needs the armor, somehow. We leave him alone.

Eventually the tree and money stop throbbing and we head to bed. The next morning, the Stoner offers to take the Assassin over to meet Toshi. I request to come with them, as I’ve heard he made the Stoner’s fancy God-Killing sword. Toshi is nice and teases the Stoner about his various adventures and about being a Paladin to a Stoner God. Toshi fixes the scratch in the Stoner’s sword after I somehow pull out another FooDog for him. We talk about the last Firewherian that is on the other continent and Toshi tells the Stoner to tell him “Fuck you and duck.” We continue to talk and I ask him if he knows where to find the other two pieces I’m looking for for the soul forge I have a portion of. It turns out that the forge that Toshi uses is a soul forge. I go back across to Grandtier’s place to get my soul forge portion and my Orb. I come back with that stuff and the Bard and Druid.

Because Toshi has 4 pieces of soul forge in his house, I cannot come in with mine. (Weird magic thing) I go to take my soul forge parts back and ask the Bard to hold my Palantier. Toshi freaks out and asks to see it. He talks to it really fast in Firewherian, which I cannot understand, but he Bard can. It turns out that the Orb is made by one of Geofray’s apprentices in order to find all of the Well of Souls. The Orb is also bound to me and cannot tell Toshi about the last Firewherian. I get back and the Bard asks what it would take to get a sword from Toshi. He ends up buying a “house sword” (a not as fancy sword) for all of his star gems (from his pack, not the group’s stuff). The Stoner decides to leave and do his service. The Druid warns him before he leaves not to do Share the Love anywhere near here because of the tree throbbing thing.

He does the service and then does Share the Love anyway. The Tree throbs again, as well as all of the money. Before the rest of us leave, Toshi shows us the FooDogs. One makes faces at the Druid and she goes to pet it. It ends up causing 3 wound levels of damage and burning her arm up to the elbow (there is even bone showing). I head back to Grandtier’s and the Assassin and Bard take her up to the court, as she is the Court’s Head Scribe. The Bard has a little trouble getting in at first, but ends up scaring the crap out of the guards to get in. As soon as he walks into Court, a group of scribes sees the Druid and starts freaking out and calling for a doctor. Eventually one comes over and looks over her condition.

He then says the worst possible thing: “We need to take off the entire arm.”

In Which the Druid Gives Her God the Finger

So the Druid, Elf, Bard, Assassin and I continue to chill out around the cave as it continues to storm. Druid is meditating, Elf and Bard are attempting to figure out how best to make a cart, Assassin is doing her thing (she stays mostly on her own), and I’m talking to my Orb and learning Firewherian. Eventually the storm ends and we move ourselves outside to be in the sun a bit. After sitting around outside for awhile, we spot a shiny wavy thing in the sky. It’s too far away to tell what it is, so we just decide to keep an eye on it for changes.

Eventually it gets close enough to determine what it is. Goody for us, it’s another dragon. However, it seems like it’s making itself move in a way to be shining its scales directly at us. Weird. As it continues to get closer the Elf and Bard move into the cave and the Assassin seems to disappear. Druid and I say fuck it and continue doing our stuff outside. If it’s really coming towards us, hiding in a cave is probably not going to save us.

Soon enough, the dragon lands nearby. It’s gigantic and looks a lot like our platinum pieces. As the Druid and I watch it to see what’s going on, our Stoner walks out from between its legs! He thanks the dragon for the ride as both the Druid and I try to keep our jaws off the ground. Stoner comes over and introduces us to the dragon (not by name, but he tells us what he is: the freaking GOD OF DRAGONS) and tells us about their discussions and star adventure. (How does he get himself in these positions? It’s crazy! Not bad necessarily, but what the heck? So crazy!)

After the Assassin realizes that the dragon must not be after us, she reappears and joins in the discussion. The Druid mentions that we defeated the Jade dragons, which interests the Platinum dragon. He walks over to the entrance of the cave and blows into it. Somehow, after the dragon breathes into the cave, all of the Jade dragon’s stuff has disappeared. The Bard and Elf, both of whom are still in the cave, are plastered against the wall by the power of the dragon’s breath. After pulling themselves off the wall both head out and join in the conversation.

The dragon hangs out while we tell the Stoner what has gone on since he disappeared. We give him shit for destroying our cart, even if he meant well. We tell him about the new leyline and the new stuff we found. We inform him of all of the stuff that we lost and can’t find and discuss what we should do about our cartlessnes. The dragon stays pretty quiet, mostly just watching us, but will talk to us every once and awhile.

I decided that I’m going to take the knowledge potion and talk to the Druid and Assassin about what sort of questions I should ask. We decide on the three questions: one on how to create another 7 leaf clover to create luck dies, another on the best way to get to Mummer, and a third on the location of Cartman the Paladin. While we’re talking, the Stoner and others talk to the dragon about the best way to get to Mummer. The dragon suggests going through the plains that contain the horsemen instead of continuing on through the dragon mountains.

I take the potion and begin asking my questions:

1. How do I create a 7 leaf clover that will give the consumer a luck die?

The clover must be picked on the anniversary of the creation of the leyline and a spell must be preformed on the clover on the anniversary every year for 70 years. If the spell is interrupted in any way then I have to start all over again. (So much work! I wonder if I can find any more pre-prepared clovers?)

2. What is the best way to get to Mummer?

On foot. (eyeroll)

I decide for the third question that because I had pretty crappy luck with phrasing the second question, I’m just going to ask something for myself. I don’t know how to phrase a question to find the location of Cartman, and I don’t want to waste this potion completely. I think for awhile about what to ask and eventually come up with a question:

3. What knowledge and information do I need to learn in order to be able to control and use Firewherian magic?

In order to use Firewherean magic, I need to learn the sphere of “Firewhereian Magic” which is just like any other sphere in the magic realm.

I talk to my Orb and it tells me that I first need to learn the language of Firewherean, just like I have been, and eventually I will need to pick up a Firewherean spell book and study that.

While I am asking all of these questions, the Stoner decides to go find an oak tree to begin making a new cart. The dragon follows him and they go all the way down the mountain to the plains. The dragon questions why he is looking at the trees and the Stoner explains that he’s trying to find a tree to make a cart out of. He points to a very large oak tree and explains what we need to do to make a cart. The dragon seems very confused, but pulls the large oak that the Stoner was talking about out of the ground (sans dirt, which is weird) and places it in front of the Stoner. The Stoner thanks him and asks if the dragon could help him make the tree into planks. The dragon seems even more confused and after a moment roars into the sky. He tells the Stoner to wait for three days and flies away.

Eventually the Elf notices that the Stoner has been gone for a really long time and goes after him. The Bard and the Druid go along with him down the mountain. The Assassin and I stay at the cave with our stuff, as I’ve been getting annoyed with everyone in the party excepting the Assassin and Bard. So, while we stay near the cave chatting, the others go down and find the Stoner waiting near the large oak that the dragon pulled out of the ground. They decide to wait with him down there.

The Stoner does his daily service and all the animals come again, which confuses the heck out of everyone. It means we don’t need a watch though, so that’s cool. In the next few days things go pretty well, though very boring. The Stoner and Druid plant acorns and the Elf kind of just hangs out with the Bard.

On the third day, though, they spot something coming towards the tree and them. When it gets close enough, they figure out that it is a bunch of Dwarves carrying a gigantic sled thing. The Dwarves eventually arrive and seem very weirded out by our request for them to make planks for a cart. They do it though, using this gigantic machine. When they finish there is a metric ton of planks. They leave and the Stoner and Elf work on making a cart.

By this time, the Bard has come back up to the top of the mountain and told us what’s going on. We chill up at the cave while the Elf, Stoner, and Druid hang out down with the planks. The Elf is making a good headway on a cart, while the Stoner gets frustrated and realizes that it’s going to be very difficult to make wheels. He stops working and begins heading back up the mountain. The Elf continues working, and the Druid, who by this time is frustrated with everyone decides
“Whatever, I’m just going to meditate again, damnit.”

The Druid sits and begins meditating, and after a few seconds Ona’s daughter begins talking to her. The daughter offers to transport us and our things back to Mummer if the Druid agrees to worship her. The Druid thinks for awhile and decides that since Ona has been being such a bitch lately, Yeah! She agrees.

The Elf is the first of the group to experience the darkness closing in on all sides, and soon after the Stoner, Bard, Assassin, and I all get sucked into the dark as well.

Each one of us sees a Sylvan tree (and a couple chickens) as the only light in the darkness. The Bard approaches and carefully steps onto the silver grass surrounding the tree. Suddenly, he’s in Mummer! Specifically, in GrandTier’s backyard. The Druid is next in line to arrive and surprises the heck out of the Bard by suddenly appearing and hugging the tree. I’m next, and not as willing to just go and touch the weird silver tree that is just floating in the dark. Since I’m still holding my Orb, I ask it about the tree. It says that it’s a Sylvan and offers to talk to it for me. I ask if there is anyone around the tree and the Orb replies that there is a Bard and a Druid. Good enough, I go and touch the tree and end up next to a crazy tree hugging Druid.

The Stoner is next, and just as wary of crazy glowing trees as I am. He ends up touching the grass and gets transported. The Assassin is one of the last transported and appears in a very defensive stance. She’s even more confused than anyone, because she has never been to GrandTier’s. I try to talk to her as we wait for our last group member.

The Elf opens his eyes and sees the silver Sylvan tree. His first thought is that he somehow died while making the cart and now is on his way towards Elf Heaven. He goes straight to the tree and appears next to us blabbering on about how the Elven Armour belongs to the tree. After he arrives, all of our stuff begins appearing, even the stuff that we lost. We begin to collect everything when we see thousands of planks appear in midair over the town below. Ona’s daughter obviously didn’t think about the fact that we had THOUSANDS OF PLANKS and transported them without finding a place for them. The planks crash down and destroy a ton of houses below. This alerts GrandTier’s family and they come rushing out.

Cleaning Up After Fighting Dragons and Where is our Stoner?

Party Members:

  • Death Mage – Kellyn
  • Elf – Tobias
  • Stoner – Decland
  • Bard – Taryn
  • Druid – Leilana
  • Assassin – Bellanox

Mostly told from Mage’s POV.

Fought 2 Jade dragons named Tallus and Thallan. We finally defeated them (Bard used polymorph ring and changed into a cocatrice). Our cart is destroyed and our horses are dead (Elf is thrilled). Where is our stoner, too?

Gathered our things that we could find along the switchbacks:

  • Book on elemental magic (broken into 2 pieces)
  • Geofray’s Recharging rod
  • Book on Firewherian (broken in 3 pieces)
  • Book on creating the Luck leyline
  • Earth section of soul forge
  • Identifying slate (thank goodness)
  • 1 barrel of Elven brandy
  • 973 gold pieces
  • 27 pieces of amber
  • 1 jacinth
  • 3 fire opals
  • 1 star gem
  • Elven armor and the case
  • Gnomish shield
  • Jade dragon shield

The lamp that would make light forever without oil broke. The Stoner’s extra leather armor has been mushed by rocks and now can only be used to repair other armor.

Druid finally comes back with her staff and javelin she found on her journey back up the mountain. She is unharmed, thankfully. Still no sign of Stoner; hopefully he’s okay.

The javelin ends up being from the ancient Imperial era. It was designed by a mage to be able to damage magic resistant animals/people.

The ring that the Bard found is a Ring of Polymorph and is used to change into different things/animals/etc. It requires no words to be spoken, however, when changing into an animal that has willpower, one must overcome the will of the animal to make decisions based on your own knowledge.

During 1st watch, the Elf finds the Copying Quill and takes it back from two squirrels! (Yummy squirrels)

I begin to read the Luck book and become entranced. When the Elf comes up from his watch, I begin reading to him, per his request. We stay up all night reading and once we finish we feel the need to find the 7 leaf clover and preform the ritual to create the Luck leyline.

The Assassin shows the Druid the crown and scepter that she found in the Dragon’s cave. The Druid finds the following writing in Ancient Dwarven on both of the items:

On the Scepter ~ “For the seat of Vald and Sald and the gateway to the Cidadel’s beyond.”
On the Crown ~ “Granted for service in the Arcaine art.”

The Scepter has a bright blue sapphire in the top and the crown has a violet trystal in the center. (Could represent air or water?)

When the Druid comes to me to see what I can get from the items, I sense that the scepter is drawn towards my things. I separate all of my things in order to determine what is pulling it. Once this is done, I discover that the scepter is drawn to my earth section of the soul forge. When the two pieces get close enough together they join. (This causes the scepter to loose the sapphire piece) I discover that this is the water piece of the soul forge.

Also found in the Dragon cave (other than tons of gold, platinum, silver, and copper):

  • Orange diamond
  • 5 pieces of black coral (previously being shaped)
  • 5 alabaster busts (unknown people)
  • 10 carvings in green stone – probably jade
  • 4 tapestries

New quest for me: Find the air and fire sections of the soul forge.

While moving rocks we find one water disk and another star gem. Under boulders we also find the Arrow of Light, 7 leaf clover, and the book on perception magic (it is broken into 7 pieces).

It begins to rain and so the group (still sans Stoner) head back to the cave. Now that I have the 7 leaf clover, I decide to finish creating the Luck leyline. In order to do so, I teach myself the realm of create (this gives me 1D in create). I gather all of my Firewherian items, as my palentier suggests, (including the bard because of his helm) and head to the top of the mountain.

I preform the spell to ground the leyline and the clover explodes. The leyline is now created and a field of 7 leaf clovers appears! I remember that the clover came from Geofray’s kitchen and decide to eat the left over bits of clover.

TADA! Now I have 1 luck die. This effects every roll and I can have up to 3 luck dice. I have to figure out how to prepare these clovers first though to be able to make luck dice.

Stoner is still missing. We’ve all started to worry now. Maybe he’s on the other side of the mountain? We find a fake wall in the Dragon’s cave but cannot get through it.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
The Stoner’s Story -

Decland falls into the trees after trying to get away from the Jade dragon’s breath attack. He ends up hanging upside down from a limb by his ankle. He cuts the tree and ends up landing on his head and passing out.

Once he wakes up and rests a bit, he pulls out his sword and asks if there are any gods in the area. For once, the sword replies that yes, there is and it’s that way. Decland follows that direction.

Every day he holds a service for his god. In the beginning it draws squirrels and he begins to wake up with a gift of acorns near by. As time goes on, more and more animals join the squirrels, including deer, bears, and bunnies. (I think the Stoner is Cinderella now.)

He continues along the path for a few days and eventually asks his sword if he knows what god they are headed towards. The sword replies yes, but that he cannot tell him. Decland realizes that he can no longer go backwards or any way other than straight forwards on the path. He begins to get nervous, but continues to hold his services.

Eventually Decland comes to a palace where he meets a rather polite gentleman. This gentleman turns out to be a Platinum Dragon (known as a god of the dragons). He takes Decland up to the stars and shows him around (Aladdin now?).

Decland explains to the Platinum dragon about his group and their varied adventures and his mistakes with the wishing sword and Lolth. The dragon wishes to meet the rest of Decland’s party and they begin toward the Jade dragon’s cave.

And then a lot happened....

And then a lot happened — people moved on, priests never came back, the world tried to recover, and new adventurers gathered on the Northern Continent to solve a problem of their own making. This is their tale. Or, will be.

Story #61
Catching Up.....

The party made their way out the southern edge of the desert, and onto a plain of scrublands and light forests. The road, obviously travelled less this year than in days past, is still reasonably easy to navigate. The rush of water to their right was a river that was filling from the spring rains up in the high mountains to the north.

The last of the elven towers were left far behind before the old bridge over the river was discovered. This bridge is different than those in the mountains, being made of floating blocks roped together. Any trolls that might want to live in the area under this bridge would have to be aquatic.

Dunkirk prayed for guidance across the wide expanse, and learned to float himself on the breath of Filinari. His flight, though, helped no one else, and after the bridge ropes snapped, it was up to Rodanthe to make a new bridge. Her choice for material was the river itself, as she froze the surface into a solid mass. Everyone made it across halfway before the pressures from the spring thaw snapped the ice bridge, and with sprinters speed everyone arrived just as the massive icebergs began floating down river.

Rashe laughed to himself, as he remembered the low stone bridges and dikes of Waterbreak, and just how well they were likely to stand up to a river full of icebergs.

The side passage across the river was the northern road to Tarwek, and so the group continued along the road until they reached the outer gates. This was surprising to Dunkirk, as the city never needed gates before, and these were obviously new and hastily constructed.

Time in the city passes quickly. Dunkirk restarts the churches, and gathers together some acolytes that may prove worthy to serve on a permanent basis, like the older witches of Ogrini named Shoni and Elmaroné, the two boys Manto and Zelé that serve Maltik, the two boyz Eral and Mearkara the blind, and the Paladin of Zon named Timal (a Dwarf, not a Gnome). Four of the socially important gnomes built a garden to Zeltonai, and Dunkirk provided a regular rotation of divine worship, following a new cycle.

Rashe spent some time talking with the masons and weaponwrights, learning of the troubles in Waterbreak as Tormala de Merili ascended to power and established a zenophobia that hurt trade. This particular weaponwright was suggested by one of the dwarven guards of the city, who also presented Rashe with a box containing a small dagger made of the metal called alcos. His interest in learning the weapon properties, and how they compared to his stiletto, gained the confidence of the weaponwright, who offered to train him on the proper application of a dagger between the shoulder blade and the spine. This master gave a name, Shalor, which means ‘sharp’ in gnomish. Rashe declined to inquire further into background or names, knowing the darkness of the world he was about to dive into.

Aoife took some time with the weapon smiths herself, and is finishing her new bow. Lnorn is practicing with a new pipe instrument, and Tamara is doing exercises in the workout field, watching with a bit of amusement as the regular regime of the soldiers has stepped up to try to keep pace with her.

Rodanthe went to the scribes, and then to hell.

After over a month she returned to the city, but in the escourt of gnomish druids that were working around the Tarwek range. Where she has been is her own story.

Story #60
On the road again....

After watching the goblins smoking and smouldering on the altar, the party finally left the chapel (where the holy symbols on the door had cracked and broken), to walk back towards the exercise yard. Tammera realized she needed her sword fixed, and so with Dunkirk’s aid in calling on Valmonai to turn the sword into a red-hot surface, she removed the bend in an otherwise fine weapon. A quick run outside to quench it in the snow, and it was ready to use.

On her return the party continued to the other side of the yard, looking for ‘the kitchen’ as Aoife called it. The party discovered an office, secret doors leading to a smaller chapel, and a dining hall. Tammera located a dinner knife that looked good and gave it to Lnorn, who appraised it as a superior make imperial dinner knife, silver and steel folded to a nice edge, worth 500-1000gc. Not bad for a cutting knife.

The party exited this area and returned to the exercise yard, to search out other ways around the strange gnomish village. A cave-in was discovered that had only marginally been cleaned, indicating that the gnomes had not been here in a long time. Eventually other doors were found, and upon opening them a small library was revealed, filled with creatures Aoife later called troglodytes. These evil cross-breeds between lizard men and goblins were, of all things, READING.

Dunkirk closed the door.

The party prepared, but while they got ready they could hear a repetitive BOOM, BOOM, BOOM from inside. Dunkirk blew the door back with a call to Droashi, and the party rushed inside to find the troglodytes huddled near a stuck secret door. Attacks from all sides felled their leader, who was crafting a spell. The resulting fizzle lead to an earthquake, and everyone ran for their lives.

The party met back up outside near the bridges, where the river had turned dry, before suddenly flowing again (fortunately for the fish). The villagers were all out in the streets, panicked at the rumblings of the earth. With nothing gnomish within the border city to keep him, Dunkirk decided to head south to his home city of Tarwek. He told the town witch of the risks from the old homes, then prepared to leave.

“I cannot ask you to accompany me…”, began Dunkirk.

“Blah blah blah… we’re going to do it anyway…”, replied Rodanthe.

And so the party left on the southern road towards the elven kingdom of Tir Loth Durien. After several days they passed through the watchtowers, and a guard came down to meet them. He advised Dunkirk and Aoife on the risks ahead, and passed along Aoife’s message of the safe arrival of the Sylvan to Duine Dora. He also told them that they could see the Great Circle from the road, on their journey.

And, so when it came into view, all but Lnorn and Tammera headed through the underbrush to walk up to this massive stone edifice. The secular mystics were uncomfortable with this place, but Dunkirk felt it lift his heart. He went inside, meditated, and called upon his gods.

And, they all answered, walking into the glade and talking with him. Some admonished him. Some considered him contemptable. Some thought he was doing quite well. But, they were ALL there. And Dunkirk felt quite overwhelmed. Rashe watched the fog of confusion from the top of one of the high dolmens, but with nothing to make out, turned his gaze to the horizon to see if he could find his house from up there.

After the commune visit ended, Dunkirk walked the two days back to the road and the bored Tammera and Lnorn in silence. Everyone continued south to Quatre Tratos. When caravans passed, Dunkirk would bless the dwarves among the workers. They were grateful and threw coppers at his feet for the kind gift of his intercession. 24cp total, made for a little cash for a room down the road.

At the city he did similarly for other caravans, gifting absolution to those in need, and making 100cp, 4sp, and 1gc from various sinners. He learned of strive in Waterbreak and Tarwek, and asked Rashe to learn what he could. News of the execution of gnomes, insular politics, and troubles at sea gave them worry, but the party needed to press on.

An aborted trip into the scrublands, followed by a resupply, gave them ample chance to put together extra food, water, and hope for a trek across a yellow sand desert. The road followed the towers, but the elves within had no interest in sharing water or food. Aoife’s forrays in search of jackrabbits and lizards allowed her to guess where an enchanted forest may lie, but for some other adventure.

Off the road, nearly at the end of the desert, they found a cart in rough shape. Hidden in the debris was a canvas bag with buttons (75gc worth), and a bolt of high quality elven silk (300gc). Near the buckboard seat was a knife, possibly used by the rider to carve his name into it. Raven the Swordmaster.

Aoife immediately recognized the dagger as one she had lost years ago. It had been given to her by her former master. And, that meant this was a group she had travelled with in the distant past.

Story #59
Kill them all, and let Dunkirk sort them out.

Vengeance or no, the spider was quickly dispatched in a team effort. Rashe took the poison glands from the dead Rhagodessa, to use later. Everyone continued on down the road to Antorus Nor, and found a nice quiet city, with people doing business, wondering if they had a bard, and otherwise being fairly normal for a village.

Lnorn played music at the tavern, and paid their night stay with some good lute music. Dunkirk worked on purification of the beer available, and Inamak tried not to be overly happy at having a good gnomish stew.

The next day, Dunkirk met with the city witch, and learned of the Kobold army coming through months ago. The border city had fallen silent, but it was assumed that everyone had retreated deep in the hills. Nobody was worried, since it was winter and trade was light anyway. Another couple was there to meet with the witch, so Dunkirk went on to other concerns.

One of the two people turned out to be a bard as well, and was playing in the tavern instead of Lnorn that night. Her style was different, and she had songs of the south, of the elves, the human tree farmers on the river, and the harvests of the hops to the east. It was different, and two nights of music made for happy citizens.

The party headed out, after getting their animals taken care of at the tavern, and crossed the gnomish bridges over the swollen river. The cool air blowing off the rapids reminded them that it was just barely spring. On the other side was a home cut into the hill, and a walkway around through an herb and mushroom garden. Behind the home was a cave entrance that lead into the borders. The pathway eventually caught up with others, and stopped in a great cathedral cavern. Wood bridges lead around extremely sharp rocks to the far side where stone doors were closed.

Rashe took some rock samples from the sharp fibrous stones, and spent some time grinding them into dust to use for polishing later.

Lnorn opened the door to the gnomish underground (covered with a seal, a sword hilt with three crystals growing up from it), and found a playground straight ahead, and two buildings, one left, and one right. The party investigated this exercise yard, and Dunkirk found a worm of unusual size hiding in one of the crawl tubes. Dunkirk got bitten by this legged worm or centipede, and needed to recover from the mild poison. Rodanthe was blinded by spotting magic in the courtyard, where for some reason serious levels of power remained.

Everyone decided to go back to the platforms around the rocks. As they camped outside Rashe continued to grind rocks, and Lnorn practiced random snippets of music. The next day they returned inside and looked around… taking the passageway to the left.

The first thing they noticed was the continued lack of activity. For a border town, it was isolated. The second was a room full of black powder in alcoves. Rashe tasted it and proclaimed it to be ash.

“See! His tongue is very useful!” said Tammera.

On the right was a set of large doors with holy symbols, one of which triggered the memory of Aoife as having necromantic feel. The party carefully entered to find two goblins busy in prayer. After an exchange of unpleasantries, the party quickly dispatched them. However, in so doing, the priests caused a cloud of sulphurous gas to appear. With their dying breath they called for aid.

A voice replied from the cloud, “No, this one will be fine.”

Tammera looted the bodies, and found the elder priest had 40sp and a copper ring. All this noise did not go unnoticed, though, and as the party checked the exterior hall, a large group of goblins were arriving. They were obviously military, but a hail of exploding quarrels and exploding rocks softened them up a bit. Tammera, in an amazing show of power, bend her sword entirely into a U shape on the spines and ribs of her foes.

Four more goblins entered the temple from the rear, but Aoife and Dunkirk (who was almost frothing from previous discussions with the priests) left them in pieces. Bodies were piled on the altar in offering to the Gnomish gods, and Dunkirk purified the chapel.

Outside, a light snow fell.


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