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Tir Na n’Fir

Tir Na n’Fir is not the name of the world. It’s the name of the various adventures and campaigns in this world. That’s why I call this Campaign Tir Na n’Fir.

The world doesn’t really have a name. Places have names, and for a while there was an empire that most modern humans knew, but it’s fallen, leaving countries, fiefdoms, city-states, and lots of land with no clear government beyond the farmer that works it.

The human world does have a history, though. It begins in the Prehistory, which seems somewhat counter-intuitive, but legends of that time do persist. Next is the Time of the Giants, followed by the rise of The Firewherian Empire and the expansion of magic. That empire fell and plunged the world into The Light Across The Darkness, during which the great churches expanded across the land. Most people are completely unaware of this part of their history.

At the pinnacle of this time a second empire, The Harlaxander Empire, came into being to deal with a potential war among the various temples, provide a civil control, and to manage great projects like the Inner Roads and the Harbor at Darkmor. The remains of these projects can still be seen, and most people with any education are aware of the Great Empire, speaking of it with reverence. When this empire finally gave way to squabbling between petty lords, The End of the Light came upon the world. Non-human races are seen more often in this time. Their presence causes those humans living in the borderlands between the inner lands and the settlements on the seas to seek aid. Thus began The Age of Adventure in the modern era. Many have gone out to push back the monsters, to find ancient treasures, to seek their fortune, and to never, ever, return….

Songs of Lnorn the Bard

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